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  • November 2017
    November 2017

    20 most congested cities in the world

    When I think of the 2017 year, it felt so quick. So quick that I still remember the Land Rover Discovery drive back in Utah in February. Time passes by amazingly fast. Here we are in November already. Two major happenings this month will take place: the Dubai Motor Show from the 14th until the 18th of November and ArabWheels Awards 2017 on the eve of November 15th. We will be available at the ArabWheels booth during the motor show week, so we will see you then. The results and winners of this year's ArabWheels Awards will be published on our website and social media and you will be able to see the coverage next month in the December issue.

  • October 2017
    October 2017

    Saudi Arabia to allow women drivers

    Let me start by announcing that you are checking out ArabWheels' 150th issue - aren't you lucky? We have displayed all of ArabWheels issues from the start until now so you can have a look and see how the magazine has evolved.

    This is the story that we have been waiting for and it is finally here…

  • September 2017
    September 2017

    Thrilling forthcoming months…

    Let me start by wishing you all "Happy Eid" and "Adha Mubarak!"

  • July - August 2017
    July - August 2017

    Ron Dennis' stakes in McLaren go to Bahraini Sheikh

    First of all I would like to wish you all a Happy "Eid" and Fitr "Saiid"! May this year bring blessings, prosperity and peace into our Middle East region.

  • June 2017
    June 2017

    President Donald Trump pledges to stop German car sales in the U.S.

    Here we are getting into the holy month of Ramadan, which started on Saturday, May 27th and will last for almost one month. To all of you we wish you "Ramadan Kareem"; stay safe and eat healthy after the fasting.

  • May 2017
    May 2017

    Samsung tests autonomous cars in South Korea

    Samsung is the latest technology company experimenting in the world of autonomous vehicles and has been granted approval to test self-driving cars on the streets of South Korea. Samsung was given the go-ahead by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and intends to develop a number of sensors and computer modules with artificial intelligence and deep-learning technologies.

  • April 2017
    April 2017

    A potential FCA merger with VW is pursued

    FCA's CEO, Sergio Marchionne, is continuing to beg for a merger with Volkswagen, if his latest statements are true. Earlier in March, Marchionne proposed that a potential merger between FCA and VW could be beneficial for both brands, but later said he had no interest in actively chasing a merger with the German automotive group.

  • March 2017
    March 2017

    French group PSA is buying Opel and Vauxhall from GM

    Some good news ahead of us; it seems big changes are taking place in the third month of 2017. It's official: French automaker PSA Group is buying Opel and Vauxhall (with all its related properties) from General Motors. The deal will see Opel and Vauxhall get out from under GM's ownership to stand under PSA's, alongside the Peugeot, Citroën, and DS brands. The move is expected to convert PSA into Europe's second-largest automaker, surely behind Volkswagen.

  • February 2017
    February 2017

    Honda, GM to mutually produce fuel cell from 2020

    GM and Honda announced their collaboration into creating the industry's first manufacturing joint venture to mass-produce a fuel cell system. The new factory called Fuel Cell System Manufacturing will be located in Michigan, with mass production expected to begin in 2020 and 100 new jobs to be created.

  • January 2017
    January 2017

    Volvo becomes the first automaker to put Skype in cars

    First of all, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you a happy and healthy 2017 year! I hope you enjoyed the festive season with your friends and family and now it's the time of year when we greet you for another 365 days full of action in the automotive world.

  • December 2016
    December 2016

    Who's responsible when autonomous cars crash with each other?

    Have you ever asked yourself, if two autonomous vehicles crash, who is to blame? I don't think you did, and neither have I. Basically the liability, in case of an accident, will be one of the key challenges for future autonomous vehicles. It seems that fully-autonomous cars will need to do a lot more than just read the road signs if insurers can hope to define who was in control of the vehicle during the accident. So, without knowing who was in control of the vehicle at the phase of the accident (the driver or the car), it would be very hard to resolve insurance claims legitimately.

  • November 2016
    November 2016

    Honoring the automotive industry for the second year

    Following the success of last year's event, ArabWheels Awards (AWA) is back with its 2016 edition for the Middle East automotive industry. Every year, the auto industry rolls out about 50 brand new cars, redesigned cars and other products that will be evaluated and awarded accordingly. This year we are having our ceremony at The Meydan Hotel, Rooftop level 8 on the 15th of November. We are planning to distribute 29 awards in terms of categories (divided between our juries' voting and people's voting on the website) and four other awards such as PR Agency of the Year 2016, CEO/MD of the Year 2016, Tire of the Year 2016 and finally Car of the Year 2016.

  • October 2016
    October 2016

    Will the auto industry be fully electrified one day?

    Lately it's been a trend somehow, and a race between all auto manufacturers to show their muscles by building electric vehicles. Every manufacturer tries to please its own ego by extending the mileage on a car to claim the word of mouth title: we are the best in electrifying the industry!

  • September 2016
    September 2016

    An endless drive of achievements…

    The time is here. It feels like yesterday that I was young (11 years ago!) and starting my career, and five years ago when I sat at the editor in chief desk. I just feel happy, and every day is basically another new day and adventure being on board at ArabWheels, the number-one English car magazine in the Middle East. Although a couple of months ago we lost one lovely colleague, Philip Moore, we are still continuing our journey. And as I always say to myself and to all of you, that famous quote of mine: "I write to live longer than I can live life."

  • July - August 2016
    July - August 2016

    Brexit: Does it affect Britain's car industry?

    First of all, let me take this opportunity to wish you all a "Happy Eid" and "Fitr Majid"!

    The summer has already started on the 21st of June, and most of you know quite well that July-August is somehow a low season in terms of car launches, motor shows and the media industry in general. But it seems that I've got a nice story to tackle for my letter: Brexit. What is Brexit (Britain and exit)? It was the talk of the town for the past weeks. In the end nearly 52 percent of 33 million voters on the referendum decided they want the UK to leave the EU; and already, lots of issues have been raised.

  • June 2016
    June 2016

    The public doesn't want autonomous driving that badly!

    And here we go, at this time of the year where Ramadan comes ten days earlier. This year the festive occasion comes on the 6th of June and runs until the 5th of July. We definitely have some safety tips in collaboration with RoadSafety UAE to be followed during the holy month.

  • May 2016
    May 2016

    Rat race carries on amongst automakers and high-tech firms

    I know that's been the topic I have been stalking you with for the past year, but honestly, that is the trend news happening in the automotive industry. It feels like a rat race against money; one that all automakers and giant high-tech firms are aiming for.

  • April 2016
    April 2016

    Automated braking will become standard on nearly every Toyota and Lexus by end of 2017

    Every day, the hottest news that catches my attention is all about the technology firms allying with car manufacturers. The first topic is about the autonomous technology that basically has started to be live on vehicles. The second topic is about saving lives in car accidents through some high-tech stuff.

  • March 2016
    March 2016

    Business opportunities in Iran after sanctions removal

    Some people consider Iran to be within the Middle East and some don't. Does the fact that Iran is an Arab neighbor count it as an Arab country? The answer to this question is easy: no. But explaining why Iran isn't an Arab country requires a longer explanation. The term Arab may be used in several different ways at once, though a standard general definition of its content has rarely been possible. The easiest definition is to say that an Arab is simply someone who speaks Arabic. But that's not satisfactory. Present-day inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula meet the definition of Arab and it is often applied to the people closely allied to them in ancestry, language, religion, and culture.

  • February 2016
    February 2016

    Volvo allies with Ericsson to develop streaming services for autonomous vehicles

    I personally have been keen on following the recent cutting-edge trends and news regarding the cooperation of high-tech giant firms with auto manufacturers in developing the vehicles of our future. At CES in Las Vegas last month, Volvo announced the development of high-bandwidth streaming technology with their partner, Ericsson, to further improve their upcoming autonomous vehicles.

  • January 2016
    January 2016

    Ford in debate with Google about autonomous vehicles.

    Yes, it's that time of year: a season of joy but also a fresh new year of 2016 has commenced!

    Each and every one is touched by the spirit of Christmas in his or her own unique way, yet we like to think that everything is lit by a softer light that comforts mind and soul and, at the same time, makes us reflect on the year that's drawing to an end with a clearer sight of 2016.

  • December 2015
    December 2015

    Google and General Motors to join forces to build autonomous cars?

    As you all know, autonomous vehicles are already on the road. For example, check out the Tesla Model S's autopilot. Automakers are on their way to making the ‘auto' in automobile precise; meaning, that the car will be able to drive itself, by itself, without any involvement from the individual behind the steering wheel!

  • November 2015
    November 2015

    A fruitful journey onwards…

    Summer. The latest rush of sunny and warm weather around our region is drawing to an end, and it's the right time to have a look at winter clothing.

    If there's one thing I have acknowledged over the past 10 years in my career, is that pretty much this desk where I sit has significant value. ArabWheels has been around for some time in the market. Next month, we will be celebrating our 13th anniversary!

  • October 2015
    October 2015

    Will Volkswagen endure the pain of 11 million cars recalled?

    I'm sure most of you have heard the biggest story of the past few weeks: Volkswagen was caught cheating on US emission tests, with the company admitting the use of a secret software code on specific diesel models that allowed the vehicle to turn off emission controls while driving on-road and to turn them back on while testing for emissions at a standstill.

  • September 2015
    September 2015

    A lot can change in 10 years...

    It feels like yesterday when I started my career in motoring journalism. Ten years of success. Ten years of drawbacks. Ten years of accomplishments. Ten years of hard moments. Back in September 2005, I reckon my first article (Volkswagen Beetle, Herbie the Love Bug) - time passes by so quickly! Not too long ago a friend of mine asked me a question: "What are some of your most memorable moments of your career over those 10 years?" As I look back at 10 years in journalism, certainly, it is the many great people I have had the pleasure to work, share and deal with that have made my career an outstanding one!

  • July - August 2015
    July - August 2015

    Ramadan is ten days earlier every single year. This year, it began around June 18 and will end around July 17-19. I wish you all a Happy Eid Fitr full of joy and happiness!

    What's new in the auto industry? The story that really caught my attention was Volkswagen Group splitting into four holding companies. A major restructuring is said to be on the way for the world's second largest carmaker, the Volkswagen Group. According to three sources from within the company, cited by Reuters, the automotive giant will be divided into four holding companies in a move aimed at boosting profits.

  • June 2015
    June 2015

    The auto industry is going digital!

    Whenever you are sitting and watching TV, listening to the radio, surfing around the news websites over the internet, the one thing that frequently pops up is the connected cars topic! It is really the latest trend nowadays. Most of the telecommunication and technology firms are working now closely with every single automaker: Qualcomm with Audi, Porsche, Daimler and BMW; VW with Huawei; and other automakers are deploying Android Auto such as Hyundai, Volvo, Honda, etc.

  • May 2015
    May 2015

    Extreme stunts by some automakers

    Lately it's been quite interesting to read stories about some extreme stunts done my some car manufacturers. This month I was lucky enough to bring some amusing stories: Porsche 911 GT3 versus Fighter Jet and Audi A7 Quattro off-road on Dubai's sand dunes!

  • April 2015
    April 2015

    Another successful Geneva Motor Show has wrapped up, and as you can see in our coverage in this edition of ArabWheels, there was an absolute ton of hot new metal at this year's show. The most ideal aspect about the Geneva Motor Show is that there really is always something for everyone. From concepts to supercars and electric vehicles, the show hit pretty much every automotive enthusiast's cosmos.

  • March 2015
    March 2015

    Will 'iCar' by Apple see the light?

    The leading automotive story of 2014 was, without a doubt, Google's disclosure of its first ever self-driving/autonomous car model. Here are the latest rumors about the iCar by Apple.

  • February 2015
    February 2015

    Will the oil prices affect the automotive industry in the Middle East?

    This has been the ‘sentence by mouth’ lately around the Middle East and GCC. The new command of lowering oil prices has been pinched. Let me put it straight: the famous era of cheap oil and high growth for the Arabian Gulf is quite over! The region will need to learn to live in an era of reduced oil revenues, budget shortages and less public spending.

  • January 2015
    January 2015

    Throughout the entire year, our team's agenda is filled up with a never-ending routine of motor shows, test drives, road trips, interviews, rolling news, weekend photo/video shoots, and the most challenging thing: deadlines. Yes I can admit always deadlines! I'm not that cranky. I adore what I do. But there's one good issue, December 2014, which stands out in our year with the favorite top 10 cars we drove. You must have read it last month.


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