Whichever road you choose. The unique urban spirit helmets will come along

From city streets to the open road, the urban gentleman rider is on a perpetual voyage of discovery. For the 21st century nomad, travelling across geographies and without boundaries in search of new experiences in faraway destinations or in his city, Montblanc has created two, masculine and contemporary companions for his daily motorcycle adventures.

Both helmets are inspired by the simplicity of the racing helmets from the 1970s with a modern edge. A design combining tactile Urban Spirit plain with the perforated leather of racing gloves, molded on a shell with a refracting coating. A full-face helmet provides a protective black, while the other one is an open face helmet with a mirrored visor.

Always on a quest to define his own style, the gentleman rider values functionality, comfort and safety but never compromises on aesthetics. Enhancing the elegance for both day and night, the reflective coating on the shell of the helmets are designed to refract light through the perforated leather, creating a contemporary underlay for the safety function of these special pieces. Montblanc has applied the highest standards of craftsmanship to the assembly of this motorcycling accessory, expressed through the detailing, the finishes and the stitching of the leather.

A tribute to the mobility and wanderlust of the distinguished gentleman rider, the Urban Spirit Helmets bring sophistication to motorcycling.



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