Land Rover LR4 Landmark Edition

Remains a reigning king

“The LR4 was one rock steady SUV and anything built on an LR4 is going to be equally impressive.”

“The LR4 range has always belonged more on a ranch than in a flashy hotel lobby. But the Landmark

iteration has bumped up the luxury factor and the LR4 interiors now feel similar to its Range Rover siblings.”

“Beneath all that glitz and glamour the true essence of the Land Rover lives on,” said Ershad.

Photo Credits: Sambhram Aivalli

Just when you thought that the LR4 was starting to look a bit boring on the roads, Land Rover decides to add some sparkle to the existing model - and we have the LR4 Landmark.  It is essentially a polished version of the regular LR4, which is aimed at giving that feel of exclusivity to its proud owners.

Sporting the same 3.0 liter V6 supercharged engine as in the regular LR4, the Landmark develops 335 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and a healthy 450 Nm of torque at just 3,500 rpm. Since the torque is developed so early, the LR4 Landmark is immensely tractable. The car feels nimble and easy to drive despite its big looking physique. Power is fed to all four wheels of the LR4 Landmark through an eight-speed automatic transmission. Basically, all of the characteristics of the LR4 are maintained as is, and are also carried over to the Landmark model. The LR4 was one rock steady SUV and anything built on an LR4 is going to be equally impressive.

The exterior of the LR4 Landmark is where all the drama has taken place. Immediately noticeable are the front grille and rearview mirrors finished in a shiny black finish. You might wonder what’s so new about black trims on a car. The new Zanzibar color (exclusive on our test Land Rover) is the real reason for the black trims to look so striking on the Landmark. 20-inch wheels are available as standard on the LR4 and are finished in silver and look dynamic in their five-split-spoke design. The new LR4 variant also gets full length roof-rails finished in bright silver, which goes along well with the silver colored alloy wheels on the car. So, if you feel like tying your kayak on the LR4, you are more than welcome. ‘Landmark’ badges adorn the sides and tailgate of the car, which have an exemplary finish and compliment the unique nature of the new LR4. The LR4 series has always retained the boxy design cues from its predecessor and it is interesting to see how such small changes bring about much needed freshness. From the outside, the LR4 Landmark looks distinctive and grabs your attention.

The LR4 range has always belonged more on a ranch than in a flashy hotel lobby. But the Landmark iteration has bumped up the luxury factor and the LR4 interiors now feel similar to its Range Rover siblings. The seats finished in Windsor Leather with a tan shade offer excellent support and comfort. Moreover, the shade of leather goes hand in hand with the new exterior color of the Landmark. The rest of the interiors are finished in an ebony shade, which feels classy and adds to the exclusive feel that LR4 Landmark owners will be looking for. LR4 is known for its roomy interiors with big windows all around and a high roofline. The wheelbase of 2,885 mm allows superior comfort for the second row passengers and an average third row. Seating seven people is never a problem and with climate control provided on the third row also, you can be assured that your passengers are comfortable throughout. The LR4 landmark features a Meridian 11-speaker audio system, which provides a lovely audio feel within the huge cabin. A number of cubbyholes and storage spaces are available within the cabin to keep your knick-knacks in place. The LR4 interiors are more of form and function with easy to use controls and just enough tech gadgetry.

We decided to have a spin in the LR4 Landmark and we were surprised with the amount of attention the car gathered, especially from existing LR4 users! The V6 pulled effortlessly through the speeds – which at no point made us feel that we were driving a 2.5 ton SUV. Excellent gearshifts and a responsive throttle kept things good. The steering part was a bit on the boring side, offering much less feedback, but was very effortless to spin around. This is very useful while maneuvering the LR4 in tight spaces. Front and rear parking aids available on the LR4 Landmark ensure that you are aware of what is going on around your beloved ride. The LR4 is an excellent mile-muncher with a soft handling setup. The suspension just glided over road undulations that never upset the passengers. Air-suspension is provided on all four corners of the LR4, which can increase the ride height by 120 mm or reduce it by 50 mm, according to requirement. Suspension tune is more in favor of comfort rather than outright performance. This shows in fast corners where you can feel a hint of top-heaviness. We did have some fun times in the desert where the LR4 showed its true prowess. Beneath all that glitz and glamour, the true essence of the Land Rover lives on. The feeling of control the LR4 offers is a true benchmark. Features like Active Roll Mitigation, Roll Stability Control, and Traction and Stability Control systems work seamlessly to provide the best driving experience.

On the whole, the LR4 Landmark is aimed at Land Rover fans that are looking for exclusivity. There are loads of customizable options that make sure that your LR4 remains truly yours. Excellent off-road manners, comfortable seats for seven, and exclusive body trims define the LR4 Landmark. In its segment, the LR4 is a reigning king.

Pros: Spacious 7-seater, superior off-roading ability, ride quality
Cons: Fuel economy
Rivals: Infiniti QX60, Volvo XC90, Volkswagen Touareg, Audi Q7
Engine: 3.0 L V6 supercharged, 340 hp @ 6500 rpm, 450 Nm @ 3500 rpm
Transmission: 8-speed automatic transmission, 4WD
Performance: 0-100 km/h: 9 secs, 13.5 L/100 km (combined), top speed: 195 km/h
Weight: 2,695 kg
One word: Landmark

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