2014 Nissan Patrol

Strictly the conqueror of all territories

Meticulously engineered for over 60 years, the Patrol is Nissan's flagship SUV model with a rich heritage and passionate following in the Middle East that dates back to the 1950s. With refreshed styling enhancements of the region's iconic SUV, the all new Nissan Patrol adds more style to its already impressive 'go anywhere' versatility, technology and comfort. A year of success for Nissan Patrol has been crowned with the announcement of styling enhancements to carry the 'Hero of All Terrain' into the fourth year of its current generation.

Driving impressions
We had the opportunity to drive the latest personification of the New Nissan Patrol across some of the most beautiful scenery the Levant region has to offer in Jordan. From the lowest elevation on Earth the Dead Sea at 427 meters below sea level, to the country's highest mountain Jabal Umm ad Dami at 1,855 meters and most places in between; Jordan is filled with stunning locations mainly consisting of the raw and rugged landscape variety.

Nissan carried out widespread surveys with Patrol owners and came to the realization that we all kind of secretly knew that only a small percentage of Patrols ever see active service on the off-road battlefield. Even fewer see frontline duty. While the legend has most certainly been created by those pioneering few that launched their Patrol from the sharpest dunes with reckless abandon to reality is that most owners take their Patrol to the shopping mall with their families. The feedback delivered to Nissan was that Patrol owners wanted more: more comfort, more luxury, more space, more tech, more quality materials. More everything including more wood on the steering wheel because of the great concern of leather dilapidation on the leather caused by hand sanitizer.

Nissan responded and delivered a Patrol with more stuff inside but didn't lose their pride while doing it. The core DNA of the 'Hero of All Terrain' is not only still there, but has been built upon to produce the best (Nissan rated) Patrol yet. In VK56VD excuse, its 400hp and 560 Nm worth of torque will propel its considerable weight which easily tips three tons if you have a few passengers on board with much more ease than the last generation-equipped ever could, and with less concern. Sure, it lacks the gruff, acoustic personality of the 4.8 liter straight-six, but I suspect that is down to driver enveloping in sound insulation and exhaust silencers. Order up those aftermarket straight through pipes, release some ponies and bask in that 5.6 liter, naturally aspirated V8 goodness with its amazing sound.

The new Patrol's ability on-road is unquestionably a major advancement over the older generation. It is smoother, faster, less agricultural and, despite being on a gigantic scale, is an effortless machine to drive. It will traverse speed bumps and potholes with equal nonchalance and will corner flatter than any full-size SUV has a right to. This is mainly due to the HDMC Hydraulic Motion Control system which, combined with four wheel independent suspension, offers a new level in comfort and control on those mall runs when the road surface is less than desirable. This also comes into play on sandy or rugged terrain offering advanced stability should you be the type of Patrol driver who ventures off-road.

The all new Nissan Patrol of this year had a lot of enhancements startingwith a new front bumper and new vigorous and muscular front grille pattern with chrome. New 20" machining-cut alloy wheels, LED headlamps with day time running lights and pop-up headlamp washer with new LED rear combination lamp and roof rails add to the range of new features. The MY2014 Nissan Patrol also possesses a third generation Around View Monitor with parking assist display and Back-up Collision Intervention (BCI) which alerts the driver when a moving object is detected behind the vehicle when in reverse mode.

Patrol derives powertrain efficiency equipped with 5-speed automatic transmission with manual mode introduced on the XE grade with a combination of leather/wood steering wheel. The MY2014 Nissan Patrol is now available with new exterior color Grey Metallic and Pure White Pearl as well as a new Tan interior color.

The Patrol chronicles
Stretching back to 63 years ago, the Nissan Patrol lineage began with the kinda-looked-like a Willy's Jeep. Since then, successive generations have always had a common utilitarian solidity suitable for off-roading, sand drag racing and invading countries. This peaked with the previous fifth generation Y61 Patrol that laid waste to Lamborghini on the street of the GCC countries while laughing at off-road adversity. In no small part was this due to possibly the greatest inline-six cylinder engine to ever find itself lodged in a 4×4, the legendary TB48DE. The other reason was that the Y61 Patrol had a flow of capabilities, strong sales and was the king of off-roaders.

All this changed somewhat when in 2010 the sixth generation Y62 entered the scene and changed the Patrol's classification from mid-size off-roader to full-size SUV. Suddenly, the key words were luxury, comfort, styling and a somehow sporty focus on interior ambience complimented with black leather and other comfortable colors suited to its outside body. This latest mid-life facelift has taken that further still with rich GCC-friendly spec plastic-chrome trimmings and tan leather interior resembling camel hide. While the most important upgrade is certainly the addition of headlight washers, it is worth mentioning the new steering wheel too. It features back-then wood. It turns out that a common complaint leveled against the Y62 (pre-facelift model) was that regular use of hand sanitizer by owners was making the all-leather wheel prematurely age.

Nissan recently announced that 2013 continues the trend for strong growth in sales of its iconic and popular latest generation Nissan Patrol in the Middle East. More than 15,000 were sold in FY2012 across the Gulf region, an impressive 18 percent increase versus the same period in FY2011.Nissan Patrol continues to build on its FY2012 sales success with sales in the Gulf region growing faster than the market. More than 14,000 Nissan Patrols were sold between January and September 2013 across the Gulf region, an impressive 41 percent increase versus the same period in 2012. As a consequence, Nissan Patrol registered record market share of 32 percent in the Gulf market in August, a six point increase versus the same period last year.

Earlier in August 2013, the Nissan Patrol Challenge reached its grand finale with a new Guinness World Record and became the holder of the 'Heaviest object pulled by any production vehicle', notching up another historic milestone in its illustrious heritage. The event, held at Sharjah International Airport, United Arab Emirates, saw an unmodified production Nissan Patrol haul a 170.9 ton cargo plane, inclusive of weight of the plane, fuel and the cargo for over 50 meters, smashing the previous record by 15 tons.

When it comes to the New Nissan Patrol, the company couldn't resist not offering nine well-equipped grades.The all new MY2014 Nissan Patrol is offered in VK56DE, 5.6L V8 petrol engine and VK56VD - 5.6L V8 petrol engine equipped grades with 6-speed manual transmission on XE and SE-T1 grades, 5-speed automatic transmission with manual mode on SE-T2, SE-Platinum, SE- Platinum City, and 7-speed manual transmission LE-T1, LE-T2, LE-Platinum and LE-Platinum City grades. Here are some of the trims:

Patrol XE includes: 4L-4H full time 4WD w/variable 4X4 mode, 18" alloy wheels, remote keyless entry with intelligent key, push engine starter, power door locks with speed-sensing auto lock, power one-touch auto windows - FR & RR, center console w/lid and cool box, manual tilt and telescopic adjuster steering wheel, leather shift knob, chrome door handles, front auto dual-zone climate control A/C with rear cooler, 2-DIN AM/FM 1CD + AUX input audio system with 4 speakers, cruise control, trip meter, cargo net hook, dual SRS airbag system with VDC, hill start assist and hill descent control, ABS, EBD and brake assist, rear differential lock, immobilizer with car alarm (vehicle security system).

Patrol SE-T2 (in addition to SE-T1 features): LED headlamp with daytime running light, rear fog lamps, pop-up headlamp washer, remote engine starter, power adjustable seat (FR & RR) with power lumber support, one-touch power sunroof, power back door, DVD player on 7" LCD monitor, audio and Bluetooth hands-free phone system with steering switch, flash memory music server, fine-vision meter, crash sensitive automatic unlock system, drive computer with built-in combination meters, automatic hazard lighting system, and an optional BOSE premium audio with 13 speakers could be added.

Patrol SE-Platinum (in addition to SE-T2 features): 20" alloy wheels, chrome door mirrors with reverse synchronization, intelligent key with memory function, synchronized with a/c system, roof rails, welcome light - FR & RR, leather seats, leather & wood combination steering wheel, auto tilt and telescopic adjuster steering wheel, seats and steering position memory function, tan interior color, front armrest illumination, double stitch door trim, off-road monitor, individual tire pressure monitoring system, temperature-controlled front seats, hands-free HDD navigation system with steering switch, DVD player with memory function, on 8" LCD monitor, BOSE premium audio with 13 speakers, 9.3 GB music box hard drive, splash guard.

Patrol SE-Platinum City (in addition to SE-Platinum features): 20" machining cut alloy wheels, chrome city bumper, fog light chrome finisher, 3rd generation "around view monitor" with parking assist guide display on monitor, rear independent DVD entertainment system on 7" monitor, with VTR jack, remote control and RES front switch control.

Patrol LE-Platinum City (in addition to LE-Platinum features): 20" machining cut allow wheels, chrome city bumper, fog light chrome finisher, rain sensor front wiper, 3rd generation "around view monitor" (AVM) with parking assist guide display on monitor, rear independent DVD entertainment system on 7" monitor, with VTR jack, remote control and res front switch control, back up collision intervention (BCI), lane departure warning and prevention (LDP), intelligent cruise control (ICC) steering switch with distance control assist (DCA), intelligent brake assist (IBA) with forward collision warning (FCW), blind spot warning and intervention.

We just mentioned five types in details which are the highlights of the New Nissan Patrol, because the differences are simply minor in the added options offered.

The personality may have changed and the new packaged Patrol might concern itself a little too much with luxury and comfort, but still its ability proved flawless both on road and our short off-roading stunt over rocky terrain in Jordan. I couldn't be more satisfied with it, and if I had the chance to do it all over again, I would do so in a heartbeat!

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