Nissan GTR vs. snowboarder

One day it could lead to a world speed record for towed snowboarding!

Spa-Francorchamps is one of the world's premier racetracks thanks to a perfect combination of large elevation changes, high-speed corners, a beautiful setting in Belgium and a historical importance to motorsport. When snow blankets the course in the winter, it turns out to be a fantastic setting for snowboarding too - especially if there's a Nissan GT-R to tow you around!

A Nissan GT-R pulling a brave snowboarder on the snowy Spa track is one hell of a way to spend some winter quality time. The boys over at RSR decided to play with their 2013 Nissan GT-R on the closed Spa circuit, which is full of fresh snow.

That should do the trick for most of us, but then one of the instructors decided to practice his snowboarding skills on the iconic F1 racetrack. Helped by the 540 horsepower of the AWD Nissan and his total lack of self-preservation, we watched history in the making, as we are pretty sure this was the first time someone snowboarded his way down the main straight of Spa.

Getting pulled by a car for snowboard purposes is always fun, but getting pulled by a GT-R on an empty racetrack is even better.

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