2016 Lexus LX 570

Level X luxury!

"The new Lexus LX 570 looks so different and razor-sharp for a big SUV."

"Lexus has decided to leave elegance at bay and go all aggressive on the styling front."

"Very few marques succeed in making vehicles that perform equally well on the road and off."

"At a quick stopover for a fuel top up, I could see some shocked looks on people's faces," said Ershad.

The Lexus design team must've been working like crazy for quite some time. The entire range is revised and all the models look sharp, bold and luxurious. Being the flagship model in the Lexus product range, the LX 570 also went through its share of upgrades and surgeries to ready itself to prove its might in the crowded SUV market.

Driving down from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, the LX 570 maintained its coolness. The 5.7 liter V8 now pushes out 362 horsepower which effortlessly propels this close to three ton mammoth vehicle to three digit speeds pretty quickly. A new eight-speed transmission replaces the old six-speed gearbox, which increases fuel efficiency as well as provides quick shifts. Overtaking takes nothing more than a small nudge of the right foot and it just happens without any sound or drama. The engine feels butter smooth throughout the rev range and does not feel out of grunt at any point. Luxury is one thing that sets the LX 570 apart from its cousin, the Toyota Land Cruiser. Our test car featured interiors finished in Sunflare Brown and we were in love with it. The interiors are finished in tons of soft-touch material, wood trim and leather which oozed that upmarket feel normally synonymous with the Lexus brand. The seats are comfortable with a 10-way adjustable driver seat and 8-way adjustable passenger seat. The result is that you get way too pampered to sit it any other car after this. Seating was top-class, with equal attention paid to the second row and even the third row. The third row now features a fully switch-controlled folding and unfolding operation; something every Lexus owner had been dreaming of I guess.

Second row passengers now get to watch videos on the new, larger 11.6-inch screens fixed behind the front headrests. I suppose videos can now be watched comfortably from the third row as well! Since the passengers get an upgraded screen, so does the driver. I could see a huge 12.3-inch display in the middle of the dashboard, which gives me access to all of the vehicle's settings. Features like vehicle suspension, air conditioning and powertrain can be changed according to your taste. There are three, no actually four driving modes in the car. Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Eco. I have no idea why there is a Sport and Sport+ !! My best guess would be Comfort is for use while driving long distances. Sport and Sport+ modes do what they mean to do and Eco "cuts down". Speaking of vehicle settings, the new LX 570 features something called 4 Wheel Active Height Control (AHC). If this feature is turned on, the vehicle lowers its height when the engine is switched off thereby making entry and exit easier. The AHC works closely with Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) to provide the best ride according to various road conditions. The excellent suspension combined with a top class Mark Levinson 19-speaker audio system makes sure that your time in the LX 570 is well spent.

At a quick stopover for a fuel top up, I could see some shocked looks on people's faces. Yes, the new Lexus LX 570 looks so different and razor-sharp for a big SUV. The new Lexus trademark design, the front spindle grille, is the primary reason I guess. Lexus has decided to leave elegance at bay and go all aggressive on the styling front. The huge spindle grille looks intimidating from any angle. Try seeing one in your rearview mirror! Headlights with incorporated DRLs also follow the sharp design language and look top notch stylish. And those fog lights; even though they seem overdone, spending a bit of time with the vehicle will sort it out. The headlights also incorporate the Adaptive Hi-beam system which adjusts the high beams of a headlight that may interfere with opposite lane traffic or vehicles directly in front. The overall silhouette of the LX570 still remains familiar, which I guess was good thinking by the Lexus engineers. When viewed from the side, the new 21-inch wheels dominate the design completely and fit right with the overall package. The right size and the right design. The rear end seems a bit low-tech compared to the heavily reworked front end of the LX 570. The taillights have been given mild treatments of sharpness and the LED lights look great when viewed at night. The only eyesore I would say are those primitive looking reverse lamps placed on either side of the number plate. They seem carried over, as it is from the previous gen LX 570. You need to change those real quick dear Lexus! The front and rear bumpers have been suitably redesigned with sprinkles of the sharp design.

Since we had a full tank of fuel; we decided to venture a bit into the off-road. We gave the Lexus some taste of the Dubai desert sands and the LX 570 happily glided over them. The four-wheel drive, excellent suspension, a very powerful engine and the intelligent electronics ensured that we had our share of fun but never got into trouble. Impressive for a heavy SUV shod with 21-inch wheels! Very few marques succeed in making vehicles that perform equally well on the road and off. The LX 570 scores good marks here. The LX 570 has a big list of safety features which include a Pre-crash Safety System which can bring the vehicle to a complete halt upon sensing an imminent crash, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control for hassle free and safe cruising, Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Traffic Alert (which senses and alerts the driver of any vehicle approaching dangerously), and a complete set of airbags for all passengers. Read through the list and the LX 570 feels like a very safe place to be!

So, I would say the new Lexus LX 570 is a worthy successor to its predecessor and incorporates the best in technology, safety and design. A perfect companion for all your business meetings, as well as the occasional sand-dune hooliganism.

Pros: Smooth ride, off-road performance, comfy seats, high-tech options
Cons: Razor-sharp design may not be cool for everyone, high price, fuel economy
Rivals: Range Rover Vogue, Mercedes-Benz GLS, Infiniti QX80, Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator
Engine: 5.7 L, V8, 383 hp @ 5600 rpm, 530 Nm @ 3200 rpm  
Transmission: 8-speed automatic shiftable, 4WD
Performance: 0-100 km/h: 7.8 sec, 14.8 L /100 km, top speed: 220 km/h
Weight:  2,722 kg
One word: superfluity 



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