Infiniti Q70

Ex-M sedan gets a luxurious twist

"A performance sedan well-engineered for younger enthusiast buyers."

"Q70 has taken even closer aim at German cars' buyers."

"Every single time I parked the car, I left the ignition on and walked around it to check the lights!" said Issam.

After its regional debut last year in Dubai, and after my colleague Ershad in Dubai drove the V8 engine, I had the chance to grab the Q70 V6 from RYMCO, official dealership of Infiniti in Lebanon. What is the Q70? Basically, prior to the 2014 model year,the Q70 was known as the Infiniti M. Starting in 2015 as a new model called the Q70, it was completely restyled from the front and rear fascias with a new grille, giving it a family identity closely synchronized with the Q50 sedan. Furthermore, new for 2015 were LED headlights, taillights, and turn signals which are integrated into the side mirrors. My test car was a 2016 model (which is the same as the 2015 model).

The Infiniti Q70 is a fetching saloon with a bold grille and sleek lines. It undoubtedly stands an excellent chance versus the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series or Mercedes E-Class, predominantly in Sport specifications. In Sports specs you have the addition of the 20-inch wheels. The Q70 has more dignity to its looks and all models gained smart LED lights, front and rear, which I personally appreciated during the night drive. Every single time I parked the car, I left the ignition on and walked around it to check the lights.

Driving impressions
During my testing on the weekend, I encountered many road conditions such as highways, service roads, bumpy roads, and surely mountainous roads. The Q70 3.7 acted in a way that surprised me. I drove it aggressively in the Sport mode, which was programmed with higher transmission shift points and stronger acceleration. But the minute driving conditions changed, I switched to the Eco driving mode, which programmed the transmission for more fuel-efficient shifts, and even delivered a slight push-back through the throttle pedal, showing that throttle use should be moderated for greener outcomes.

The results were very good when it comes to front-to-rear weight distribution. With somewhat more weight on the front axle than the rear, the car still had excellent turn-in response and maneuvering positivity. It's a purebred sports sedan. As you may know, it is rear-wheel drive (as standard) like the BMW 5 Series, and allocated as a sports saloon. But, I think Infiniti has a ways to go, in terms of entertaining and fun driving. Frankly, German rivals are more fun to drive than the Infiniti Q70. But, what the Q70 does have is the seating, comfort, the looks and most importantly, the price tag. The mentality of people in Lebanon is changing, although the process is too slow. In the old days, people would surely opt for a second-hand German car, and more specifically a Bimmer. Nowadays for the growing new generation, it's changing. I know that from my brother who is nineteen years old now. He is in love with Infiniti. He sees Infiniti the same way I used to see BMW at his age.

Let me be frank with you; many options lay down in this segment and most of them are German rivals. It is your pick. The Q70 will feed your appetite due to its eye-catching design, will surely make you feel comfortable with its great interior, and will leave you with a smile after driving it. German rivals are there. It is your money at the end of the day - spend it wisely!

Pros: Numerous high-tech features, smooth suspension on bumpy roads, nice-looking exterior
Cons: Full segment with plenty of rivals
Rivals: Mercedes Benz E-Class, BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, Lexus GS, Maserati Ghibli
Engine: 3.6 L V6, 329 hp @ 7000 rpm, 363 Nm @ 5200 rpm
Transmission: 7-speed automatic with manual shifting mode, RWD
Performance: 0-100 km/h: 6 sec, 11.5 L /100 km, top speed: 225 km/h
Weight: 1903 kg
One word: deluxe
4 stars

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