Ducati Monster 1100 EVO

The Monster Effect

To sum up a 19 year old success story within 700 words is a daunting task, sore so when it is the Ultimate Monster from Ducati - the 1100 Evo.

You've got the best combination of style, safety and power in a minimalist themed, steel trellis framed rider friendly package that makes this one of the best naked motorcycles you can buy. A bike exposing all its mechanical glory and high grade components make a compelling show piece. But does the rider hide a grin inside the helmet once he shifts gears and twists his right wrist? Let's find out.Driving Impressions

After meeting the very friendly staff at Ducati Dubai I was given the keys of a glossy red-with-white striped Monster. Freshly serviced and ready for collection, I took some time to admire the all-muscle no-fat Italian piece of mechanical art.

Being born an 1100 Evo into the Monster family has its benefits. It comes with all the goodies as standard. It has the Ducati Safety Pack that combines state-of-the-art Ducati Traction Control (DTC) with 4 levels of wheel spin tolerance with the ABS, which does its intended job efficiently without complaining.

You get a heavily reworked 100hp, 1078cc Desmodue Evoluzione engine sporting a lighter crankcase made with Vacural technology borrowed from its Supersport siblings. The power and torque curves are revised now aided by a re-routed 2-1-2 vertically stacked exhaust on the right side emitting the trademark Ducati Twin sound. This demo bike had a delicious set of Carbon Termignonis with the db reducers removed. You will also miss the noise of the dry clutch as this one has a smooth and efficient hydraulically operated wet clutch that limits rear end lock up during hard downshifting.

Turn on the ignition switch and the simple yet visually pleasing digital instrument panel lights up with a system check. It provides all the information you need to set up the Monster at your fingertips and some more.

The revised ergonomics does make its presence felt in the shorter reach to the handle bars and sporty foot peg positioning. The seating is near perfect and comfortable on the long highways as much as in the crowded city streets. The stylish rearview mirror also sports the indicators and provides decent rear visibility. The rear seat cowl that makes the Monster look like a single seater can be easily removed with the tool kit provided for taking in a pillion.

The Monster also sports fully adjustable 43mm USD Marzocchi up front. The rear suspension duty is taken care of by a Sachs unit mounted on a lightweight yet tough aluminium single sided swingarm. You roll on stylish 10 spoke lightweight aluminium alloy wheels fitted with confidence inspiring Pirelli Diablo Rosso rubber. The best in category Brembo brake system with 4 piston radial calipers grabbing a 320mm front disc and 2 piston rear calipers biting on a 245mm disc combined with the standard ABS system provides a package that helps to keep the shiny side up under the most demanding riding conditions.

The Termignonis with the db reducers removed can wake up your neighbors if you ride it in the morning. And ride it all day you will. This is a bike that attracts you more than the air conditioned comfort of your car, and makes you swap keys and hit the roads wearing your helmet and gloves. The power and torque curve is precisely tuned with emphasis on a strong midrange and higher top end. You can ride it at 140kmph all day knowing that the slightest twist of the right wrist is all that's required to propel forward with joy inducing velocity.

City riding is all the more enjoyable with easy clutch operation, good maneuverability and brisk acceleration. If you are over enthusiastic with the throttle you can find the front wheel up in the air and attract lots of attention. Roundabouts make you test the DTC as it fights lean angles and wheel slip to propel you out safely. But you can always switch it off for that tail-out slide and whiff of opposite lock to power-through.

The Monster 1100 Evo is a joy to behold. It makes you smile on the way to work and makes you take the long curvy road back home. And once the day's riding is done, it's hard to leave it in the garage. You rather wish for a residence with a vehicle lift to park the beauty inside your living room to admire the nakedness for the rest of the night.

This indeed is what I call a Monster effect!

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