April 2016

Automated braking will become standard on nearly every Toyota and Lexus by end of 2017

Every day, the hottest news that catches my attention is all about the technology firms allying with car manufacturers. The first topic is about the autonomous technology that basically has started to be live on vehicles. The second topic is about saving lives in car accidents through some high-tech stuff.

Toyota and Lexus will make the Automated Braking system a standard feature on nearly every model by the end of 2017. The system is already available as a low-cost option in most of the two brand's models as part of the Lexus Safety System+ and Toyota Safety Sense, which are scheduled to be part of the standard equipment in all USA models by the end of 2017. These driver-assist technologies are designed to aid in three key areas: preventing or modifying frontal collisions - including pedestrians, helping keep drivers within their lane, and enhancing road safety during night time driving. The specific models to offer these safety features as standard will be announced at a later date.

What also caught my attention is the partnership between Honda and Hitachi to develop a portable alcohol detector device. It is a portable alcohol breathalyzer prototype that is tamper-resistant and can be integrated into a smart key. This device could potentially save thousands of lives each year!

The device is capable of distinctively detecting the saturated water vapor from human breath and accurately measuring alcohol levels within three seconds; triggering an ignition interlock to stop the vehicle from starting its engine when it detects a driver is under the influence of alcohol. A system that can show the alcohol level measured by the detector on the vehicle's display panel has also been developed.

Unlike other similar systems, Honda and Hitachi's solution doesn't require the driver to perform the test from the driver seat but can do so even outside the vehicle. The high-tech gadget is able to recognize weather conditions and whether the applied air is actual human exhaled breath by detecting the saturated water vapors with a high degree of sensitivity.

What's in our April issue?
We covered the Geneva Motor Show. So you can have a look and start dreaming which vehicle might end up in your garage.

Our cover story has been dedicated to the "La Dolce Vita", Rolls-Royce Dawn. The first drive took place in the heart of South Africa, Cape Town. Nothing to tell you here, just turn the pages and feast your eyes - but don't blame me if your heart skips a beat!

Our first drives also include the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder. We tested it in Miami, Florida, the sunshine state of US! We also drove the all-new tenth generation of the Mercedes E-Class. Honorably admitting it: it's an autonomous vehicle.

Our team in Dubai drove both the Nissan Maxima and Lexus LX 570. I personally tested some exciting new cars in Beirut that many of you asked for: 2016 Chevrolet Spark, Infiniti Q70 and Mini Hatchback 5-doors.

In our Tires section and during the Geneva auto show, GoodYear launched its new concept of tires for the future: the GoodYear Concept Tire 360. The extreme stunt section is back in this issue and we've brought you something off the hook: Nissan GTR versus Snowboarder.

To those of you who celebrated Easter: Happy Easter and we hope you won the eggs contest…

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- Issam Eid, Editor-in- Chief

Cover Story: Rolls-Royce Dawn Young at heart!



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