2016 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800

Success by the racing legends of the 70's

"After warming up the engine, it was time to see if the Turismo Veloce really stays true to its name as a speed tourer," said Govind.

"Brake feel from the Brembo calipers and suspension comfort were remarkable."

"Easy to handle in slow moving traffic and also when opening it up from high gears at low speed."

Without even laying eyes on the logo of this red and silver liveried motorcycle, any motorcycle aficionado can easily see that this bike is a MV Agusta. That is due to the success of the design that the very first touring model made (by the racing legends of the 70's). It goes well with the beautiful stable of bikes that Meccanica Verghera Agusta makes today. The bike has a compact and elegant form factor, even loaded with mandatory touring requirements like the side panniers. The standard version tested here was filled to the brim with useful features. Quickshifter, traction control with eight level modes, custom engine mapping options with three preset and one custom, cruise control, speed limiter, ABS, Bluetooth and a lot more. Attention to detail is also evident in the selection of all the components used on the bike, like the five-inch vibrant TFT instrument display, Marzocchi front forks, Brembo brakes, etc. The bike is a real looker from all angles. Special mention goes to the daytime running lights that give it a halo effect front on. The three quadrangular pipes that exit on the right side are as close to mechanical art as you can get.

Up close, you realize how tall both of the seats on this bike are. You need to be careful while swinging your leg over or else risk hitting your knee on the passenger grab handle (as I found out the hard way). Ouch! Once on the bike, even a 5-foot 9-inch tall person like me found it difficult to place both feet on the ground, due to the tall seat height. But the upsides are the comfortable ergonomics, compact tank and easy to reach handlebars. The front windscreen height can also be adjusted to give some protection from the windblast. Once onboard, I was trying to get familiar with the controls. I am one of those guys who would rather try and find out how things work without using the manual and have been pretty good at it most of the time. But, I must say the MV left me confused on how to adjust some of the bikes settings. For first timers, I recommend a proper briefing from the dealer when you take delivery of your Turismo Veloce.

After warming up the engine, it was time to see if the Turismo Veloce really stays true to its name as a speed tourer. The three default engine mapping available are: Touring (90 hp), Sport (110hp) and Rain (80hp). I spent most of my time riding the bike in touring mode to check its touring ability and comfort levels. The engine is rather 'torquey' for a 798cc unit and has the familiar three-cylinder inline vibe. The torque is available from low down the rev range. It makes it easy to handle in slow moving traffic and also when opening it up from high gears at low speed. I rode the bike from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and was able to put the cruise control and speed limiter to the real world test to see how practical it is. Once settled in sixth gear, you can set the cruise control with the help of the handle bar controls and the menu options on the screen, and enjoy the ride without having any fear of exceeding the speed limits. I also spent some time testing the cornering abilities around the various sweeping curved interchanges of Sheikh Zayed Road. The MV truly impressed me with how confidently she handled the curves with sport bike-like chassis control and stability. Brake feel from the Brembo calipers and suspension comfort were remarkable.

After returning the bike to the dealer I was on my way back to Abu Dhabi. On seeing the curvy interchanges where I rode the bike a few hours back, the rush of emotions came in and I wished I could spend more time with the Turismo Veloce, as it was a truly enjoyable experience.



Sporty tourer with elegant looks

Engine type

3-cylinder, 4 stroke, 12 valve

Bore x Stroke

79 mm x 54.3 mm


110 hp @ 10000 rpm


83 Nm @ 8000 rpm




ALS Steel tubular trellis (MAG welded)

Front suspension

Marzocchi 43 mm upside down

Front Brakes

320 mm double floating disc with Brembo radial brake caliper and ABS

Rear Brakes

220 mm single steel disc with Brembo 2 piston caliper and ABS

Wheel base

1460 mm

Seat Height

850 mm

Dry weight

192 kg

Fuel Capacity

22 liter


65,900 AED


Wheels of Arabia

  • mv_agusta_turismo_voloce_1
  • mv_agusta_turismo_voloce_10
  • mv_agusta_turismo_voloce_2
  • mv_agusta_turismo_voloce_3
  • mv_agusta_turismo_voloce_4
  • mv_agusta_turismo_voloce_5
  • mv_agusta_turismo_voloce_6
  • mv_agusta_turismo_voloce_7
  • mv_agusta_turismo_voloce_8
  • mv_agusta_turismo_voloce_9



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