Range Rover Sport SVR

A rally car sort of machine

"A Range Rover on steroids is called a Range Rover Sport. So what if you pump some more steroids into the Range Rover Sport?" said Ershad.

"Switch on Sport mode on the SVR and you literally get a rally car sort of exhaust sputter and splutter."
"Still waiting for more from the Special Vehicle Operations team!"

Having driven the new Vogue LWB last weekend, there was nothing I could look forward to more than driving the Sport SVR. It is called the most powerful Range Rover ever and I could not wait to get my hands on one!

A Range Rover on steroids is called a Range Rover Sport. So what if you pump some more steroids into the Range Rover Sport? We get something called the Range Rover Sport SVR. Jaguar Land Rover now runs a performance wing called Special Vehicle Operations who are entrusted with the job of elevating the level of madness on already mad cars! Who would’ve thought that the Range Rover Sport needed more grunt?

Stepping out of the office and reaching for the car keys in my pocket, I find one labelled "Range Rover". Ah! A drive in a Range Rover is one of those things that can renew you in an instant. Finished in Estoril Blue with a contrasting black roof, the Range Rover Sport SVR grabs your attention immediately. Before I could explore the exterior fully, I found myself pushing the start button, sitting on the excellent sports seats finished in white leather. The SVR features four sports seats in all, two for the front and two for the rear, with SVR embroidered on to them. Now that means business. The only other color I could find in the interior was black. This combination of white and black, just the basics, shouts out that this car is serious about performance.

The SVR is powered by the same 5.0 liter V8 engine that powers the regular Sport version but the SVR boffins have squeezed more juice out of it. There is an increase of 40 horsepower and therefore we have the engine pumping out 550 horsepower. This power is distributed to all four wheels via the eight-speed transmission, which is now almost 50 percent quicker in shifting compared to the regular Sport version. All this translates into blinding acceleration and throttle response at any given speed. Another noteworthy feature on the Sport SVR is the new exhaust system, which has electronically controlled baffles. Switch on Sport mode on the SVR and you literally get a rally car sort of exhaust sputter and splutter. It makes sure that your friend living five blocks down knows exactly when you change a gear or let go off the throttle. Its absolute fun! The suspension has been stiffened up a tad more than the regular Sport for better road manners and it is evident in the almost zero body roll feel in fast corners. The usual Range Rover magic works this time too, providing an excellent balance of on-road and off-road behavior. But I doubt if you would take the Sport SVR with those lovely 21-inch wheels anywhere off-road; I would never want a scratch on those big shiny wheels.

On the exterior there are some neat touches that help you differentiate a Sport and a Sport SVR. The side air grills have a compact new shape; you get four exhaust pipes, blue Brembo calipers and bigger air dams up front. A couple of SVR logos on the car also help with the same - a must-have car for the performance SUV enthusiast! After the launch of the F-Type SVR, I’m still waiting for more from the Special Vehicle Operations team. Kudos!
One word: limousine
Range Rover Sport SVR

Pros: Track-like sport experience, still a good off-road drive, sporty seats and interior
Cons: Upgrade from Range Rover Sport to the SVR is quite expensive, fuel economy
Rivals: Mercedes Benz GLE63 AMG, Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, BMW X6 M
Engine: 5.0 L supercharged, V8, 550 hp @ 6500 rpm, 680 Nm @ 2500 rpm
Transmission: 8-speed auto, 4WD
Performance: 0-100 km/h: 4.8 sec, 17.5 L/100 km, top speed: 260 km/h
Weight: 2,467 kg
One word: track-like

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