Volvo Museum in Gothenburg, Sweden

A journey through Volvo's history

During one of our trips to Gothenburg, we had the chance to tour around the Volvo Museum. Inside the museum is a world of iconic car models, groundbreaking innovations and imaginative prototypes. The tour took us through Volvo's history and heritage, all the way from its start back in 1927. From the first ÖV 4 to the current cars, trucks, buses and other products, the museum also contains many other exhibits, including Gabrielsson's and Larson's joint desk from the pioneering years. There are also displays of Volvo Aero and Volvo Penta products. The collection encompasses a wide range of passenger cars, buses and heavy trucks, as well as marine engines and construction equipment.

Visitors don't have to be a petrolhead to appreciate the Volvo Museum. There is a lot for everybody to experience - whether you want to learn about a unique piece of Swedish 20th century history or just want to be nostalgic about the good old times. And, the youngest ones will enjoy the children's car: a classic Volvo to play around in.

Currently at the museum is the biggest LEGO car in the world: a Volvo XC90 in natural size. This Volvo XC90 is a full-size replica of Volvo's award-winning SUV. Instead of glass and metal, this one is built entirely by LEGO modeling bricks. It was on display at LEGOLAND in Carlsbad, California (near San Diego), and has now been brought to the Volvo Museum.

The museum is open daily, except Mondays and public Swedish holidays. It is located in the Arendal area on the island of Hisingen at the sea, about 10 km west of Gothenburg city centre.

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