Supernova Camaro

We have been away from this section for some time due to our full and busy schedule. The most important thing now is that we are back! This issue, we bring you the Supernova Camaro MY2012 owned by Jad Karam, 26 years old, computer science major and graduate from the American University of Science and Technology.

We sat with Jad and asked him about his passion for cars. Karam replied, "Since the earliest stages of my childhood, I had an attraction to the engineering, design and art of cars. When I was eight, I started collecting toy cars and parked them in my room. I had a yellow Camaro; it was the tiniest of all the collection, but I loved it the most. I used to sadly stare at it because it was very small, until I told myself, one day I'll grow up and have it parked not in my room, but down in my garage. Some call it an obsession, but it's much more than that. It's a love that has been engraved in me forever."

Jad told us that he has owned some special cars since the age of 18 and among them, 2006 VW Golf GTI, 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0 Turbo, 2011 Chevy Camaro RS and lately, 2012 Supernova Camaro 2SS/RS V8 Transformers Special Edition.

Karam is single and currently working as a systems engineer. He continued higher studies in two additional fields: systems security engineering and network engineering. He graduated in both and has certificates from the USA. That could possibly be the reason why he has chosen to own an American muscle car.

Karam stated, "During weekdays, I spend my free time reading and researching about cars and new technologies related to science. As for the weekend, it's time to unleash Supernova!"

We then asked Jad what he loves about cars and how the tuning idea came to him. He replied, "I know I'm in love with cars each time I'm out cruising and take the long way back home. Engine power, exhaust sound, adrenaline rush, mini heart attacks... I just don't want this feeling to end. It fades out all the stress inside. Tuning my Camaro was not a choice, it is something called "Mod Bug", and only car enthusiasts will understand. Also, I believe my car is an extension of my personality. It represents who I am. That's why I carefully choose my mods to get the best out of a performance-design combination."

Karam told us that he was really glad that we visited him at his premises and is proud to be part of ArabWheels magazine. He has been reading ArabWheels for two years, and it is definitely his only favorite Arab car magazine in English.

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