BMW M3 and Renault Megane RS

We met George Nakad, 39 years old, graduate from St. Joseph College with a major in accounting and owner of Pixel Art Printing Press Company. The special thing about Nakad is that he owns two vehicles that are spoiled to the maximum!

His passion started in 1998 when he started to earn money and become financially capable. We asked Nakad who influenced this and his reply was, "Nobody specifically influenced me, but I am a big fan of the rally sport that happens in the area, from rally races, track drifting and time attack. So mainly all professional drivers influenced me at some point in my life."

Nakad has owned many cars since the age of 18. His first drive began in a Renault 18, and then when he earned the cash he bought an Opel cadet GSI, which was one of his favorite cars at that time. Nakad told us, "As much as I was in love with my Opel, I gave it to my mother and I went to buy a 1996 Mercedes C36 AMG." Then Nakad acquired a BMW M3 convertible E46 model 1996 which he drove for three consecutive years. After the ownership of the convertible E46 he got a 1996 BMW M3, which was customized with a paint job and interior ordered from its previous owner. He tried to tune his Mercedes but wasn’t successful, so then he decided to tune the BMW V8 which was fully stock when he bought it.

His Opel had fond place in his heart. We asked him what’s behind his love for cars and why he has chosen the BMW M3 and Renault Megane RS to tune. He breathes, "I love the tuning part. I like to build a car which is more powerful than the stock. My BMW is tuned with a Supercharge from ESS tuning. It has a stage 2 kit which can be easily installed on a stock car and give 60 percent more power. It has software which takes the car from 420 hp to 650 hp. I have a Borla exhaust with its whole system from the front to the back and coil overs, and Brembo brakes. The car does the 0 to 100 kph in approximately 3.6 seconds. The Renault hasn’t been heavily tuned yet. It has a stock engine, exhaust super sprint and lower springs Abakh and an ECU remap."

We concluded our meeting with George Nakad and asked him our usual question: "How did you hear about ArabWheels and what do you think about it?" Nakad responded, pleased, "ArabWheels is a well-known magazine in Lebanon and in the Arab world. I got the chance to meet the Editor in Chief, which gave me the chance to know more about it especially that I’m in the printing industry. Honestly speaking, I really admire it and wait for it every month."

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