Porsche Cayman Anibal

In April’s issue, our Spoil Your Ride section featured Pierre Nercesian’s Camaro SS; this time we bring you the Cayman twins from Pierre Abou Rjeily.

Abou Rjeily, 36 and recently married, is in the real estate field and is a successful entrepreneur. Living most of his life in Paris, he graduated from ESP in France, majoring in Advertising and Marketing. Pierre has been a motor head since his early days. He started to buy and sell small cars before there was a driver’s license requirement in Paris when he was 15.

His real passion for cars began at the age of 17. He was influenced by his rich neighbors and their exotic cars when lived on 16th Avenue. He started to drive on the famous circuits in Franc such as Le Mans, Paul Ricard, etc… At the age of 18, his first car was a white 1992 Ferrari Testa Rossa. His second car was a 1994 348 GTB, and third car a 1995 Ferrari 355 Spider. At that time, he loved Ferraris.

One time he was driving on the circuit when he saw a Porsche 993 parked aside. He got the chance there to lay his hands on it. Abou Rjeily told us that before the 993, he felt that all models were ugly except for the 356.

In 1996, Pierre started to buy and sell cars of his own. For 4 years he owned a 1996 Porsche 993 S that was frozen grey from the exterior with full black leather. Later on came a 1997 Ferrari 355 GTB and a 1996 Mercedes SL500 that was tuned by AMG. Later on, he acquired a 1995 Mercedes-Benz S320 diesel and finally a 1997 SLK 200.

When he returned to Lebanon in 2001, upon his arrival he bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee which was actually his first 4x4 SUV in his life. Later one, he bought a 1998 BMW Z3 M, 2002 Mercedes-Benz ML320 and a BMW X5.

His actual garage now contains a 2008 BMW 328 CI, two Porsche Caymans and coming soon the new Porsche 991.

What about these two twins from Porsche?

Hany Harfouche, a close friend of Pierre’s, has worked on several projects abroad such as the Lotus Elise sketch. He later on acquired the T-Rex Design Company. Pierre wanted something special, so upon Hay’s founding of Anibal Automotive Design that is specialized in designing body kits for cars, he acquired two Porsche Caymans.

The red Porsche Cayman S that has 20" rims is on sale for $100,000 and labeled #001 from Anibal, and the 2007 grey Porsche Cayman that also has 20" rims is on sale for $105,000 and labeled #002 from Anibal. Only 7 cars have had this body kit from Anibal: four of them were sold to the GCC, one to the USA and these two for Abou Rjeily.

Abou Rjeily told us, "Electric cars will conquer the world in a maximum of 7 years." He added that Porsche lovers opt to buy turbo versions that cost a fortune, yet in Lebanon they can’t be driven properly because of the bad road conditions.

He also told us, "You are the voice of people who love cars and I hope that this voice will ring louder and louder, as the custom taxes on cars are so incredible in Lebanon that they don’t allow people to drive brand new cars!"

We ended our meeting with Pierre who stated, "I knew your magazine 4 and a half years ago, and I love it due to its diversification and mixture of everything." He added, "I do suggest that you do a forum for people’s opinions and comments."

See you in the next issue for another Spoil Your Ride!

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