2004 BMW HPF Stage 3 Widebody Kit

You have likely heard of the famous "Pimp My Ride" TV show. This is what this "Spoil Your Ride" feature is all about.

We turned our vehicle toward Halat, a region in Jbeil's district. We met with George Frem, 41 years old, originally from Sin El Fil, whose passion for cars started when he was 18 years old. George's first car was a Nissan 240Z that he owned back when he lived in San Francisco, California, USA.

What we have here is a 2004 BMW. We asked him and he replied that his passion for BMW began in 1995. He owned several BMWs such as an E46 325i coupe and in 1997 a BMW M3 which was the first supercharged to enter the Lebanese market. Frem founded his own cars auction in 2008.

We asked him about his family, and he replied: "I am married and have two children, a boy and a girl. But the strange thing is that my daughter has the same passion for cars that I have, and not my son!"

What's behind the 2004 BMW HPF Stage 3 Widebody Kit? Frem bought the car from Steve Dinan, founder of Dinan Cars, in 2008.

The 2004 BMW M3 had an intercooled supercharger at that time and produced 423 hp. Then in 2009, George decided to undergo an HPF stage 2 with enhancements such as 640 hp, BBS 19" rims, Vorsteiner hood, bumper and trunk. In 2010, Frem didn't stop thinking about how to enhance his BMW; he turned the car to HPF stage 2.5 with an engine producing 780 hp, adding BMW Performance seats and roll cage. And finally to ban all motorbike riders from thinking they can still beat Frem's BMW, he decided to undergo the last tuning to HPF stage 3 in 2012. The car produces 913 hp and has a race fuel mode up to 950 hp which is only usable on tracks or closed circuits. The addition was on the wide bodykit ASUKA, VIP Rims 18 x 13 (Rear) and 19 x 10 (Front) with the HPF clutch.

It is actually a daily-driven car as George told us, though the car can reach a top speed of 320 kph. George added: "Every time I drive the car I see people taking pictures. But it is either people love it or hate it. What I can actually admit is that everybody's first impression is surprise." He also said: "The best thing I ever encountered while driving my car is when I beat a GSXR1000 motorbike on the Tripoli highway!"

Because many tuning drivers envy George's BMW, he nicknamed it "Hayfa", the famous and hottest Lebanese singer.

Last but not least, George encourages all BMW enthusiasts to tune their cars because it's a nice hobby. George said that speed is good but of course safely is paramount, and he wishes to have a closed circuit here in Lebanon.

Naturally, during our visit to George's premises, we brought him couple of ArabWheels issues. He was surprised and told us: "I was really shocked. Your magazine is eye-catching and very rich in high-quality editorial!"

Stay tuned for our next issue's ride!

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