2003 Porsche GT2 Club Sport Edition

For our 10th anniversary of ArabWheels, we have chosen a special ride for a special edition. We went to Tayouneh in Beirut to meet with Ali Saklaoui, 38 years old, automotive engineer who graduated from Rhones, France.

Saklaoui's passion for cars started from quite an early age. At 3 years he was into cars. His first car ever, which he owned at 14 years old, was a 1982 Renault 5 alpine. At a mature 18 years old, he owned a 1979 BMW 320 which had nothing special about it. At the age of 24, he bought a 1994 Volkswagen Golf 3 VR6 that had a chip, exhaust and intake on it. At the age of 28, Ali acquired a 2000 BMW 328 CI that had the first paddle shifts behind the steering wheels in Lebanon. 

Ali is married with two children: a boy and a girl. And it seems his boy is on the right path to follow his father's footstep. His son, 5 years old, drives an electrical karting vehicle.

Ali opened his garage, Autodynamics, in 1998, one year after graduating from college. His garage accepts all kind of cars to be either repaired or tuned (mechanical and electrical issues). German automakers are a top priority and more specifically BMW, Mercedes and Porsche.

So what about Ali's actual cars? Ali owns a 2007 BMW 335i with 500 hp, twin-turbo, remap, downpipe, fuel exhaust, intake and a big intercooler for racing. He also owns a 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo that has a sport exhaust, remap, GT2 RS intercooler, BMC filter to produce around 550 hp.

But the candy of our issue in none of the two cars we just mentioned. It is a 2003 Porsche Carrera GT2 Club Sport Edition tuned by Protomotive. The car produces 1000 hp on race fuel and around 850-900 hp on normal octane. Only the side mirrors, cage and seats come with carbon fiber. Engine is 3.6 L, flat 6. The car weighs 1,400 kg. It is equipped with a turbo kit: 2 Alpha Tial 30/76, 2 monster intercoolers, 2  fuel pumps, fuel system upgraded, bigger injectors, blow through intake and fender intake, water methanol injection, electronic boost controller (Mode A Pump Gas - Mode B Race Fuel), sport exhaust, performance clutch and ceramic brakes.

We asked Saklaoui what he suggests for all fanatics when tuning their cars, and his reply was: "First drive safely on public roads. Second, for me personally when I want to modify a car, it is not a matter of adding hp; what matters is to drive that tuned car daily and not for drag racing only."

Our visit ended and Ali said goodbye, telling us, "Congratulations on taking care of sports cars in Lebanon and the best on your 10th anniversary. Wishing you the #1 rank in the Middle East!"

Stay tuned for our next issue's ride!

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