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Carrying out your Dreams!

It all started in 2010 when I attended the first event organized by Daimler, Mercedes-Benz Middle East and AMG with Continental as the official tire. Since that event, my heart - full of automotive enthusiasm since my early years - has beat more keenly than ever before. This was followed by two other events, one in 2011 and the other in 2012.

This year, after all the success the event has gained in our region, the AMG Driving Academy has landed in the Middle East to transform motorists into racetrack pros. The high-performance AMG Driving Academy training program promises to push driver abilities to the limit in a premier selection of the latest AMG vehicles on one of the world's most testing racetracks, the YAS Marina Circuit.

What about the International Levels?
Emotion-Tour: Born to Captivate

It's for feelings, it's for pleasure, it's born to captivate. Every AMG Emotion-Tour takes you to the AMG factory at the wheel of a technically brilliant AMG vehicle, for a rendezvous with your own passion for automotive high performance. Numerous exciting lifestyle events and an inspiring social program wait.

Basic-Training: Safety Experience

Safety means even more pleasure in driving. Experience the joy of driving safety for yourself. Increase your theoretical and practical knowledge of driving dynamics and automotive technology by learning from experienced instructors. For superior handling, even in exceptional situations - get on board and experience this new dimension to driving pleasure.

Advanced-Training: Mastering Speed

A pounding heart guaranteed, with an AMG vehicle in a class of its own. And you can be there at the heart of the action. With Advanced-Training, you will explore the most important aspects of the topic of speed. Experienced instructors will use data recording and video analysis to demonstrate how you can handle your vehicle safely at high speeds.

Pro-Training: Perfecting the Details

Speed, revs, lap time, gear-changing behavior... nothing is missed by the data recording and video analysis. Experienced racetrack drivers can further develop their skill levels as the training units are designed to exactly meet the needs of ambitious, motor sports-oriented drivers. From theory to practice, from guided to free driving, from the possibilities that are opened up with a mere millisecond of reaction time to the enduring enjoyment to be able to drive safely. You can use your own vehicle, or you can rent a top-class rental vehicle from us, as preferred.

Masters: Write Motor Sport History

Reach for the stars in motor sport - and write your own racing history. You will reach the most demanding level of the AMG Driving Academy in four stages, accompanied by professional instruction. The training will be topped off by the professional-class SLS AMG GT3 Competition. In all the events, you will drive the high-performance SLS AMG GT3. In the competition you can also drive your own vehicle if you so wish.

Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi - UAE
The cost is AED 7,750 ($USD 2123) for a single day. AMG Driving Academy ADVANCED skills program concentrates on developing driving skills and sporty driving. In addition to the fundamentals of driving physics, the theoretical introduction primarily covers cornering technique, the ideal line and braking points. The mode of functioning of the various driver assistance systems, safety rules and driver behavior also play a central role in this unit.

Section training on the race circuit sees the instructors explore in detail the particular characteristics of each section of corners, while guided driving behind the instructor makes it easier for the participants to identify the ideal line and braking points.

AMG driver training teams are on hand to answer all technical questions about the vehicles and can accommodate two groups of 10 participants each. One instructor is assigned to each group and two participants share each car. The event rises to a suitably thrilling climax with the chance for the participants to sit in the passenger seat as a professional racing driver takes them for a spin in the SLS AMG GT Race Taxi.

The AMG Driving Academy also arranges complete incentive trips for companies, customers or business partners. The program covers all types of individual wishes, including AMG factory tours, a guided tour of the SLS AMG production plant in Sindelfingen, guided excursions with the latest AMG high-performance vehicles, race track training or visits to motor sport events including a full supporting program followed by evening function, for example. A personal incentive scout puts an exciting program together and is on hand during the event, attending to all participants' needs and ensuring that they take a wealth of wonderful memories away with them.

AMG Social Networking
Speed demons wishing to register for the AMG Driving Academy can do so via a dedicated website at The AMG Driving Academy's Facebook,, and website pages enables customers and fans can keep up to date with all activities, exciting event reports and glimpses behind the scenes included.

Go to the start with the AMG Driving Academy - the objective is clear: more control on the race track, more safety on the roads, more fun with your peers. Explore the rock bottom of your obsession for automotive performance at the AMG Driving Academy in Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina Circuit. Adrenaline guaranteed. Are you on board?

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