Nissan Patrol Desert Edition

Marking a new episode in legend of 'Hero of All Terrains in Life'

"Nissan Patrol Desert Edition affirms commitment to delivering tailored models for regional consumer demand."

"With 200 units only, it will be a rare vehicle on the roads," said Issam.

"Conceptualized by Dr. Mohammed Ben Sulayem, specifically for the Middle East region."

"Its suspension has been specially tuned after extensive and punishing sessions of desert testing."

The Nissan Patrol Desert Edition made its global debut at the 13th annual Dubai Motor Show, affirming Nissan's customer-centric commitment to delivering tailored models for regional consumers.

From Qasr Al Sarab - the best resort - somewhere in Abu Dhabi close to the Saudi border, to the best legend from Nissan, we were there to lay our hands on the newly tailored Nissan patrol Desert Edition, direct from the factory. The renowned Nissan Patrol has been made even more capable off-road. It is a new model conceptualized and developed in collaboration with the Middle East's most famous and influential motorsports personality, Dr. Mohammed Ben Sulayem, specifically for the Middle East region.

Visually identifiable with special Desert Edition and MBS badges, this new model is based on the Nissan Patrol LE. It is powered by Nissan's powerful 5.6 L V8 engine that generates a formidable 400 hp and 560 Nm of torque. It is mated to a seven speed automatic transmission that incorporates manual mode and synchronised rev control - a setup that ensures unmatched driving enjoyment, whatever the terrain.

The mighty Nissan Patrol is now even more capable, thanks to Dr. Ben Sulayem's personal involvement. Its suspension has been specially tuned after extensive and punishing sessions of desert testing. Having spent so much time competing in some of the harshest conditions on earth, Dr. Sulayem took care to specify special equipment that will ensure the Desert Edition is never caught short.

Special skid plates for underbody protection are an obvious enhancement. In addition, it has an onboard tire inflator for getting the car's tires back to normal pressure for the drive home, as well as 'Bead-lock' wheels that enable the tires to be used at extremely low pressures without the risk of the tires coming off. These technical additions make the Nissan Patrol Desert Edition unique to the market.

To further assist off-road adventures, the Desert Edition is equipped with a state-of-the-art navigation system as part of its infotainment package, complete with forward-facing and reversing cameras, and a Bluetooth handsfree system.

Special wheel-arch protectors (Overfenders) add a sense of visual purpose, but are there for more than just show. The Desert Edition's specification includes sand ramps, as well as a kinetic rope should its driver want to assist anyone stuck in the sand.

For decades the Nissan Patrol has been forging an enviable reputation as the hero of off-roading in the Middle East, recently setting a Guinness World Record for the fastest time to ascend a 100 meter sand dune by a production car. The Patrol climbed the dune at Jordan's Wadi Rum in a staggering time of 4.9 seconds in order to break the record. In addition, the Nissan Patrol has proved its worth on the international rally circuit, helping Nissan-sponsored drivers Denis Berezovskiy, who won the FIA T2 World Championship and Emile Khneisser, who took second place.

The Nissan Desert Edition is being launched to further build on this unique heritage and take the Nissan Patrol to greater heights. The Nissan Patrol's platform is ideal for such a transformation, being incredibly versatile and adaptable. Not to mention, the sheer number of these desert heroes still in regular use after decades of pounding the dunes is testament to the model's inestimable build integrity.

Nissan's comprehensive market research (carried out across the GCC) has proved there will be significant demand for the Desert Edition. To maintain its exclusivity, the new model will be available in strictly limited numbers and is sure to become highly prized by drivers throughout the region who have a keen sense of adventure and a taste for exploration.

After our first regional drive of the Nissan Patrol Desert Edition, we can attest that this car was made purely for the GCC. The drive experience was off the hook: the best feeling that we can reckon is that we didn't feel at all like we were driving such a huge and heavy car (it weighs more than 2 tonnes!). The new Nissan Patrol Desert Edition is priced at $69,430 USD in the UAE. It is only $10,000 USD more than the original Patrol. (Prices per market will vary from region to region.)

One Word: Tailored
4 stars
Pros: Excellent off-road capabilities, tuned from the factory, manufacturer warranty remains intact, only 200 units for the region. 
Cons: No additional lifting, no paddle shifters.
Rivals: Toyota Land Cruiser, Mercedes-Benz GLS.


5.6 L, V8, 400 hp @ 4900 rpm, 560 Nm @ 3600 rpm
7 speed automatic, 4WD
0-100 km/h: 8 seconds
Top speed: 210 km/h
Weight: 2,790 kg
Fuel consumption: 14.5 L/100 km

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