Scuderia Lebanon hosted a test-drive experience for the Ferrari Approved Pre-Owned Department

Scuderia Lebanon s.a.l organized a test-drive experience for its diverse models from the Ferrari Approved Pre-owned line-up on December 6, 2015.

The event featured two types of activities abiding by professional safety standards; the maneuvering exercise in the parking facing the Ferrari showroom in Downtown Beirut and the road test-drive along the port road, which was closed and dedicated for guests to experience the exhilaration and performance of the cars. During a breakfast buffet, the Ferrari Approved Department presented the cars while extensively describing the benefits of the Ferrari Approved Program.

The Ferrari Approved Program is a Pre-Owned Certification program which was created in 2010, and grants Scuderia Lebanon’s cars maximum security and reliability, following an elaborate 190 point checklist to ensure excellence. The Ferrari Pre-Owned department is supported by a professional team of experts who have received several trainings directly from the Factory at Maranello.


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