Interview with Felix Weller, managing director, Cadillac Middle East

1) How would you describe Cadillac's overall performance in 2015?
Cadillac is growing globally, a bit more than four percent, and contributing to that growth is the Middle East market with 21 percent - which is a way of showing how strong the Middle East is operating for Cadillac.

2) Is there an annual figure that you can give us for Cadillac?
What I can tell you for Cadillac is that we are trying to keep the growth going. We hope to close 20 to 21 percent up. So, that should get us over 5,000 vehicles.

3) Cadillac is dealing with diverse kinds of products across the Middle East and the GCC region. Are your dealers facing any customer complaints/praises?
I think that since Cadillac has a new setup of cars, with the XT5 and CT6 that we are launching, we are entering a completely new segment for our customers - and customer satisfaction is our absolute priority. We try to handle every customer's complaint with the utmost respect and importance.

4) We all know that Cadillac has diversity in its car segment. Do you have any segment that isn't filled yet?
Unfortunately there are a couple of segments that Cadillac is not yet present in, but we are working on it and are extending our reach from five segments to 12 segments by 2021.

5) What can you tell us about the hybrid segment?                      
The hybrid is an interesting discussion; there are plans for Cadillac to have hybrid engines for every car that we will offer in the future. The question is: is the region ready for a hybrid and is the infrastructure here supporting that?

6) What, in general, are your big plans for 2016?
First of all, we will bring those cars mentioned in the beginning, to the market and we hope to see a lot of inquiries, as I am sure that we will exceed the expectations.



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