Infiniti Q70 S

Posh, Q70S, Refined….

"The car just oozes luxury everywhere you can lay your hands on!"

"The Q70S has a distinctive look to it and is headed in the right direction."

"Smart looking boot lip spoiler which adds lot of character to the otherwise usual rear side of the Q70S."

"ArabWheels Awards may have rightly picked the Q70 as the 'Best Midsized Executive Sedan of the year,'" said Ershad.

Here it is, all shining and glittering in a wonderful shade of blue called 'Midnight Blue', showing off all the right curves and the red 'S' badge. The 2015 Infiniti Q70S replaces the previous gen M56 (just the model name with the Q prefix) and it is quite a replacement I would say. Just a casual glance and you see a lot of improvements over its predecessor. To start off, you can be assured of a classy road presence, stronger stance and attention-grabbing fluid looks.  The version here is an 'S' model which has certain sporty elements on the front and rear bumpers that gives a wider, as well as lower, appearance to the already good looking car. In the front bumper you can spot the turn signals and fog lamps housed in black shrouds and a bit of black treatment on the rear bumper which makes the twin chrome tail pipes stand out.  There is a mild sprinkling of chrome around the car which adds a touch of class to the overall design.

The only eyesore for me were the side-view mirrors which seem to be picked up from some random parts bin and fixed onto the car. It could have been designed better, just like the smart looking boot lip spoiler which adds lot of character to the otherwise usual rear side of the Q70S.  The twenty inch wheels on this 'S' version finished in bright silver also blends very well with this particular color and they beautifully fill up the huge wheel arches.

Being just a usual weekend, I concoct a plan to visit my friend near Festival City. A drive from Mall of Emirates to my friend's and back should give me a fair idea of this car. I would have good deal of traffic and freeway conditions throughout, which would allow me to test the Q70S on all grounds. Stepping into the Q70S, I am greeted by the familiar and luxurious Infiniti interior, with loads of leather and wood accents which is always welcoming for any driver. Slip into the leather sport seats and you are actually surprised by how comfortable sport seats have evolved into. Aluminium foot pedals complete the sports feel as you wrap your hands around the leather wrapped steering wheel. The car just oozes luxury everywhere you can lay your hands on!

Start the engine and you can only have a hint of the 3.7 L V6 engine warming up. The Q70S is a luxury oriented performance car, so you don't expect a whole lot of drama while the engine starts up. I search for the gear shifter lever and I could say that it was in one of the oddest positions I have come across recently. Yes, it is between the front seats but it was positioned so rearwards that it was bothering, really. Switch into D and you have a very smooth power delivery sending almost 330 hp to the rear wheels. That's some decent power there. A 7-speed automatic transmission controls gear shifts and it is said that the gearbox can actually learn how you drive and adapt the gear changes to suit your driving style. I have no idea how long that would take! Anyway, the normal D mode provides you with a no-frills, no-thrills driving experience. Something noteworthy is the excellent noise control inside the car achieved by a technology Infiniti calls 'Active Noise Control' - which helps in cancelling unnecessary noises using the car's audio system. How interesting is that! Speaking of the audio system, the Q70S comes with a Bose sound system which drenches you in the best possible audio experience.

Steering the Q70S through traffic was easy, thanks to the speed sensitive power steering. As the road freed up ahead, I felt the need to press my right foot down a bit harder, put the Q70S on Sports mode and see how the paddle shifters respond. The Sports mode feels a lot livelier, adding a tinge of fun factor. There is nothing exhilarating, but it is a lot better. Notable, was the automatic throttle blip while downshifting using the paddle shifters which eliminated any kind of lag normally associated while downshifting with the paddle shifters. The suspension on this S version is special too and it definitely helps with high speed corners and sudden direction changes. The cruise control on the Infiniti features automatic slow down (if it detects that the vehicle is front is slowing down) and also accelerates back to the set speed when the situation clears up.  That would come in handy!

So, I am at Festival City and meet up with my friend who constantly refuses to accept that this is the new Infiniti Q70S. He argued with me that it is the M56 and I had to literally drag him to the rear of the car and show him the new badge! I don't have a clue how he managed to confuse both - didn't he read the news?! After a bit of car talk and midday tea, I bid him farewell and decide to head back.

Safety first and Infiniti is no less concerned. Our tester comes adorned with safety features such as six air bags, Lane Departure Warning system, Blind Spot Detection & Intervention (emergency braking if required), Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Predictive Collision Warning (which checks the status of two vehicles in front of you) and a whole host of standard safety features. A special mention to the braking system that features opposed piston-type disc brakes on all wheels. This ensures the best braking performance and improves brake feel under severe conditions so that you remain in control of the car at all times.

The Infiniti Q70S goes up against class leaders like the Merc E class, BMW 5 series, Audi A6, Lexus GS etc. The competition is tough but I would say that the Q70S has a distinctive look to it and is headed in the right direction. We surely recognize the effort and the judging panel of the inaugural ArabWheels Awards may have rightly picked the Q70 as the "Best Midsized Executive Sedan" of the year. Brand name is a major factor in this segment of cars and Infiniti is surely cementing its presence.
PS: The V8 must be yummy! AWAITING...

Pros: Good looks, posh interiors, handling
Cons: Side mirrors (design and placement), average sport
Rivals: Mercedes Benz E-Class, BMW 5-Series, Audi A6, Lexus GS, Maserati Ghibli
Engine: 3.6L V6, 329 hp @ 7000 rpm, 363 Nm @ 5200 rpm
Transmission: 7-speed automatic with manual shifting mode, RWD
Performance: 0-100 km/h: 6 sec, 11.5 L /100 km, Top speed: 225 km/h
Weight: 1903 kg
One word: Posh


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