Porsche Centre Lebanon’s ‘Classic Meets New’ exhibition wins over Beirut

A resplendent display of Porsche's unrivalled performance heritage took centre stage in downtown Beirut this weekend as six decades of the brand's extraordinary sports cars were brought together in a unique public display.

More than 5000 of Porsche enthusiasts and those with an appreciation of iconic design and automotive prowess had the chance to get up close with more than 60 models from a variety of model ranges over the two day public showcase. From a 1956 Porsche, 356 Speedster through to the new Macan, the innovative ‘Classic Meets New' display took visitors on a special journey through Porsche's past, present and future. With more than 20 iconic Porsche 911's also covering 40 years of the model's innovations, the physical showcase of Porsche's exceptional legacy was complemented by extra-special models on display including the limited 911 30th Anniversary Edition and the and the racetrack-ready 911 GT3 RS.

Speaking on the success of the event, Assaad Raphael, Chairman of Porsche Centre Lebanon s.a.l, said: "The reception from the people of Beirut this weekend has been overwhelming - a true reflection of the distinctive nature of this event. Porsche's heritage is unrivalled; its cars are iconic and will be forever ingrained in the popular culture of years gone by. To be able to bring the brand's ground-breaking past together with its present and exciting future through such a vast and varied display is something very rare and a special moment in Porsche Centre Lebanon's history. We are proud to have been able to bring such a special event to Lebanon and I would like to thank the Porsche Clients and owners for their support in helping bring the exhibition to life."

Inaugurated by Lebanon's Minister of Tourism His Excellency, Mr. Michel Pharaon and the General Manager of Solidere, Mr. Mounir Douaidy, the Porsche Classic Meets New exhibition took place in the Downtown area of Beirut.

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