Infiniti QX60

Practically the effectiveness of a minivan

Sophisticated but it's still just a marginally more lovely Nissan" said Issam

"Family friendly crossover"

"The QX60 is a Nissan Pathfinder, with similar mechanical and electrical substructures and few of the same interior’s features and displays"

With handsome design lines and a three-row crossover that is almost, dare I say it, stylish; I’m talking about the family hauler: QX60. Our team tested the 2013 JX35 with the same engine way back in 2012, but this is my first experience with the "QX60" badges. Slight about the driving experience has changed. The only twists to the QX60 are the option packages and features lists. I acquired it over a weekend in Beirut from RYMCO, official distributor of Infiniti in Lebanon.

The Infiniti QX60 stands out in the luxury crossover segment, specifically in the areas that luxury crossover buyers desire most - interior flexibility and roominess, safety and advanced hospitality features. It offers real 3-row utility, plus all the premium features, performance and innovations that Infiniti has become known for worldwide.

What’s new for 2015?
For 2015, the QX60 receives an available high contrast Wheat interior, accenting the predominant Wheat coloring with contrasting black areas such as the steering wheel, steering column, carpeting, floor trim, kick plates, lower door finishers, lower cargo and hatch trim and second and third row seatback carpet. It is also available with a Graphite interior. On the exterior, three new colors are offered (seven total): Hermosa Blue, Graphite Shadow and Majestic White.

Other enhancements for the new model year include a new 20 inch wheel and tire package (previously available as an accessory item) with 5-spoke aluminum alloy wheels. In addition, the standard electronically controlled continuously variable transmission adds new D-Step Logic Control, which simulates shifts during acceleration, giving a more natural feeling as speed builds.

My judgement. Very simple. First, the QX60 is really easy to access its third row due to a second row that slides forward and folds flat against the front seatbacks. Second, if you can live without the luxury trimmings of the Infiniti brand, you can always check out the Nissan Pathfinder: it’s the origin for the QX60. Although the QX60 has few direct competitors, it makes it simply a valuable consideration!

Rivals: Volvo XC90, Audi Q7, Lexus GX, BMW X5
Pros: spacious, easily accessible third row, excellent fuel economy, user-friendly infotainment system
Cons: emotionless steering, hard plastic on top of the dashboard
One word: Nissan
3.5 stars

3.5L, V6, 265 hp @ 6400 rpm, 336 Nm @ @ 4400 rpm
CVT with manual shifting mode, FWD/AWD
0-100 kph: 8 secs, top speed: 195 kph, fuel consumption: (FWD) 11.8-8.5 L/100km, (AWD) 12.2-8.9 L/100km
Weight: 1,995-2,086 kg

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