The "Ferrari owners’ club Lebanon” family gathered for a gourmet dinner at "Maison M"

A finely selected gourmet dinner joined together members of the "FERRARI OWNERS' CLUB LEBANON" headed by the president, Mr. Dany Boghossian, as well as the Vice President, Mr. Georges Hayek. Other members included the CEO of "SCUDERIA LEBANON SAL" Mr. Hassan Haydar accompanied by his lovely wife Mrs. Farah Haydar and a representative of their marketing team, Miss Rana Eyame.

The evening began with the spectacular arrival of roaring selections of prancing horses i.e. Ferraris, with colors ranging from the flaming red, the eye-catching yellow, the blue, and the white that grabbed the attention of all those attending, the young and old from Naccache and its entourage.

Members of the "FERRARI OWNERS' CLUB" of Lebanon and their friends reveled over a gourmet menu with 4 course meals stupendously chosen with the finest ingredients. The guests were also given valuable gifts donated by the Club's prestigious partners such as: The Four Seasons Hotel Beirut, Le Gray Hotel, PLUM, Golden Goose, Auto-Shine Car Heaven Spa and 7 Asian Spa.

The highlight of the evening was a wondrous spectacle where Samba dancers, coming directly from Brazil, left the crowd on their feet with their boisterous Latin dance moves and their flamboyant, sparkly outfits.

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