Cooper Tire Europe is official tyre sponsor of the Dubai International Motor Show 2015

Cooper Tire Europe has unveiled three new tyres during the opening day of the Dubai International Motor Show 2015 - the Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport, Cooper Zeon CS8 and the Discoverer STT Pro. The three new products, along with Cooper's support as official tyre sponsor of the show, mark the brand's latest steps in its plans to increase its presence across the Middle East.

"The Middle East is a key market for us, especially with our reputation as a world leader in off-road performance tyres," commented Jeff Schumaker, Managing Director, Cooper Tire Europe, who has responsibilities for the Middle East. "Cooper Tire has also just launched an Arabic website, This launch, coupled with our presence at Dubai International Motor Show, showcases our commitment to the region and we are looking forward to making our mark and bringing our customers some of the most cutting edge products that are designed for thousands of miles of excellent service." 

As well as offering outstanding grip and handling, the three new models utilize a range of new technologies, each offering a different tyre solution to meet the varying conditions of Middle East roads.

The new Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport has been developed with a new asymmetric tread pattern which is specifically designed to cope with the weight of large SUVs. Introduced as part of Cooper's new high performance product range, the Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport boasts numerous advanced technological features and benefits, including Noise Damping Structures (dimples) that help break up the noise transmitted by the tyre and the road, new lightweight construction that provides reduced rolling resistance and improved steering response and a new tread compound for added grip.

In addition, moulds for Cooper's high performance tyre range utilize the latest technology in spring venting design for a cleaner and higher quality looking tyre. A new bead profile design has also been utilized on the 4XS Sport to improve the tyre/rim seat interface and to ease tyre fitting.

The Cooper Zeon CS8 is a high performance passenger car tyre, which offers exceptional grip, fuel efficiency and handling. Replacing the highly successful Cooper Zeon CS6, the newly developed Cooper Zeon CS8 also incorporates a range of advanced technologies.

The CS8 features Cooper's innovative Wear Square, an exclusive visual indicator on the tyre that allows drivers to quickly and easily assess the remaining tread life. Built into the tread design, this innovation features the outline of a square located at six points of reference around the inside and outside of the tyre tread. As the tyre wears, the Wear Square transitions among five stages, beginning with a full square on new tyres and transforming into an exclamation mark when it is time to replace the tyre. The Wear Square can also signal uneven tyre wear and possible wheel alignment issues.

The unique tread pattern of the Cooper Zeon CS8 and Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport features 3D sipes, which have interlocking three dimensional points inside the sipe. Sipes are the small slots moulded into each tyre block to improve traction. The 3D sipes provide the same benefits of a traditional sipe, including helping the tyre warm up and providing enhanced wet grip, but limit the amount of flex in the tread block which helps control the amount of heat generation in the dry and keeps the tread block stable.

The third new tyre introduced at the Motor Show is the next generation of the popular off-road Discoverer tyre line. The Discoverer STT Pro has been designed for those who love outdoor adventure, delivering serious traction, toughness and treadwear to meet the demanding off-road conditions of the Middle East.

Customers who put on a set of Discoverer STT Pro's for their off-road experiences will not sacrifice anything in the quality of their everyday on-road experiences. In addition to its off-road qualities, the Discoverer STT Pro is also equipped with a new silica-infused tread compound that improves traction in day-to-day traffic.

The Discoverer STT Pro provides superior reliability and durability with Armor-Tek construction that adds strength to the sidewall and tread area, making it the ideal partner for an off-roading adventure. In addition, the tyre also has lower rolling resistance for improved fuel mileage.

All three tyres a now available from Cooper Tire Europe's regional dealers across five Middle East countries.

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