Al-Futtaim Motors challenges mobility status quo in the UAE

Al-Futtaim Motors spoke at the International Conference on Future Mobility, organized by ESMA, taking the opportunity to highlight what the future of transport holds according to Toyota, the world's foremost authority on hybrid vehicles.

Speaking at the event, Len Hunt, President Automotive Group at Al-Futtaim, discussed the plans Al-Futtaim Motors and Toyota have in their journey to build more sustainable transport solutions for the residents of the UAE, in addition to meeting the goals set by the UAE Vision 2021, by working closely with the government and key industry players.

Hunt explained that Lexus already has a whole line-up of Lexus hybrid cars in the UAE market since 2011, ranging from compact cars, to SUV enabling many people to contribute on their own towards a cleaner environment.

Al-Futtaim Motors has been working closely with the UAE government, the Roads and Transport Authority, multiple taxi operators in the country, the Emirates Authority For Standardization & Metrology, to name a few, in an effort to raise awareness about the benefits of using hybrid vehicles  across industries. This has resulted in hundreds of Toyota Camry Hybrid taxis serving people on the roads today, with operators reaping the financial as well as environmental benefits of running those cars.

"For 60 years, Al-Futtaim Motors has taken pride in moving the nation, embedding itself deep into the fabric of the UAE and staking its claim in the development of this great country, and we look forward to the future of sustainable transport in the UAE over the next 60 years, as we work even more closely with the government and the authorities to speed up the sustainable transport initiative, working towards the UAE Vision 2021 and towards a greener future," explained Hunt.

Toyota recently announced the "Toyota Global Environmental Challenge 2050", a challenge that dictates not only to go beyond zero environmental impact, but also achieve a net positive impact. The goal is to reduce vehicle CO2 emissions by 90 percent in comparison with 2010 levels, by 2015. To realize this, Toyota will promote the development of next-generation vehicles with low or zero CO2 emissions - hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric, and fuel cell vehicles - and further accelerate the spread of these vehicles.

Al-Futtaim Motors will be showcasing the future of mobility at the upcoming Dubai International Motor Show, where visitors can also experience the company's long-standing heritage in the country by visiting the Toyota stand.



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