Ram Laramie

Ram Raid

“Brute horns in on tough segment“

This is living dudes – you’ve got enough torque to tow the Burj Al Arab, a driver’s seat vista that just about enables you to wave at the cabin crew girls from your favourite airline, and enough quality leather to fit out one of those places in New York that I can’t write about.

Ram is a wonderful North American pick-up truck, a vehicle most often associated with scuffed cowboy boots than Gucci loafers or open sandals. And here in the Gulf it’s more likely to be valet parked at Emirates Palace than be seen lugging fence posts as it does on the plains of states like Arizona, or carrying tradies’ tools all over the US. They call the Laramie Ram royalty. It has to be too, as the other pair in the triumvirate, Ford and General Motors, are no slouches at making big, mean pick-ups either. Bragging rights count for a lot in this most American of segments.

Driving Impressions

It shouldn’t surprise you that most Ram buyers are male, but they are great fun for everyone and make excellent family vehicles. You’re seeing more and more of them on the school runs in the Middle East. You might think this might not be the car to be driving when you’re trying to squeeze into a small-sized parking spot in Beirut’s Downtown area or Bahrain on a Thursday night, but your tester discovers that when you’re in a Ram people are obligingly considerate about moving out of the way!

We found visibility first-rate and the goodies make it easy to parallel park. It’s quick too – you’ll be amazed at how promptly this beast gets to highway speeds. The 0-100 sprint is handled in an impressive seven seconds. Therefore, driving in the intense traffic of Dubai’s famous Sheikh Zayed Road doesn’t seem as dodgy as it usually does when you’ve got this big fella flexing its not inconsiderable muscles with the aid of the Hemi.

Be mindful of the cornering when you’re dealing with those pesky Gulf roundabouts. Corners are best taken slow and wide but other drivers are unlikely to intrude. You get all the trappings of a luxury car or sport-ute, but swathed in home-on-the-range, high-grade leather.


And it’s ‘Ram’ – definitely not Dodge Ram. The beast was given its own brand a couple of years ago and we reckon it’s been a superb initiative, just as ‘Jeep’ could only ever be ‘Jeep’. You get capability and luxury plus cool cowboy style. That’s how the West was won.

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