Lamborghini at YAS Marina Circuit

Extreme and Uncompromising

It’s sometimes strange to step in another person’s shoe, but not so much when you’re getting into luxury super toy cars - especially when it’s the latest range collection of the rich and famous Lamborghini. That’s what I did earlier this month; getting the chance to drive them on the YAS Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi.Driving Impressions

While growing up, I dreamt of driving one super car for one lap. But having the opportunity to test drive the range of Lamborghinis for a whole day and discover the difference between them all day long at Yas Marina Circuit is truly a unique experience.

Lamborghini continues investment in super car technology and innovation, particularly lightweight technology (carbon fiber monocoque tub). Specifically used and newly introduced at the Geneva Show 2011 was the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, which our Editor-in-Chief drove last May. This car since its beginning has dominated tremendously with 18 months production forward sold until now. Anyway, let’s not spoil the moment with this super beast of a car that I personally saved for last during this amazing day.

Let’s get back to its younger sisters.

Having the Gallardo, Gallardo Spyder, with Superleggera and Performante around me was truly part of the joy that embraced me all day. The best part is when I drove each and every one of them for 4 laps.

Before we started, we were briefed on the different aspects of the cars and safety majors such as sitting position and hands’ position on the steering wheel. Then we headed to the pit stop where the Lamborghinis were waiting for us. I rushed over and jumped into the Lamborghini Performante to start with. This car is the hardcore version of the Gallardo; to recap, the Performante and the Superleggera versions are equipped with a direct-injected 5.2 L V10 tuned up to 562bhp compared to its regular sweet sister Gallardo with only 552bhp. Torque remains the same all-around, at 539 Nm. The Superleggera loses 70 kg compared to the coupe version and weights just 1340 kg, while the Performante which is the roadster version of the Superleggera has lost around 65kg to hit 1485kg.

While waiting to start, you cannot miss the roaring sound of the engine behind your head. What’s really amazing is that each one of the cars have a different exhaust sound tweaked to suit those beauties.

Mid day, I had the chance to drive the Gallardo. I was told that the tires had been used 65% until now, and the car may over steer or under steer in some corners. That information made me push the car even more to see its ESP response and 4-wheel-drive system which proved to be amazingly stable at the hard chicane after the starting point.

The Superleggera was interesting in many aspects where it was lighter and faster than her sisters. While checking the different parts of the Lamborghini range, I noticed that the Superleggera and Gallardo share the same brakes, while the Performante had more brake power shown in the disks.

All the Lamborghinis which I tried had one small issue; whenever you are going out of a corner and want to speed up by changing from 2nd to 3rd gear let’s say, the sequential changer of gears behind the steering wheel makes it difficult to change because it isn’t attached to it. This makes you hit by mistake the turning lights because your concentration is on the corner and not where the small shift pedals behind the wheel are.

The Aventador, I wanted to leave it for the end because as they say, save the best for last. The Aventador exceeded my expectations by all means with its magnificent V12 650 hp.

While waiting for it, minute by minute, hearing the start engine sound alone, took me to another dimension. Driving it changed my perspective of driving a Lambo.

I hope they continue to work on such a beautiful platform from scratch, because I’m sure that anything coming from Lamborghini in the coming years is going to be truly amazing and this gorgeous. Even with the small concern I had about the sequential gears, it’s difficult to say anything except the car is absolutely magnificent in every aspect. A roadster version of the Mighty Aventador was introduced at the Geneva Show 2012, the gorgeous AVENTADOR J which only ONE was sold at 2.1 Million Euro.


Lamborghini has come a long way since their beginning. You can see that in their new platform shown in the Aventador which dominates the eye, the heart and the adrenaline rush needed to drive such roaring monster.

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