ANB Motorcycles takes the excitement to CITYMALL with a free riding course and thrilling stunt show

ANB Motorcycles organized a free riding course along with a thrilling stunt show over a 6-day period between September 28 and October 4, 2015.

Organized in collaboration with CITYMALL management, the week-long event was held at CITYMALL in Nahr el Mot. Registrants were given the opportunity to test out ANB's latest Motorcycles brands, including KTM and Vespa, at the venue's rooftop.

Professional instructors were also present on ground to assist and share valuable feedback with attendees, further enabling riders' better grasp the different riding techniques. Participants and spectators were also treated to an outstanding stunt show featuring skilled stuntmen on KTM motorcycles and bicycles who performed fantastic acrobatic maneuvers at several meters high in the air.

Commenting on the occasion, Anthony Boukhather, CEO of ANB Motorcycles, explained: "The idea behind our event is to spread fun and thrill to all of our company's customers and friends by providing the same exhiliration our products and services deliver."

In an attempt to promote a healthy motorcycle culture in Lebanon through this highly educational and entertaining event, ANB Motorcycles plans to introduce similar exciting initiatives in the near future.

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