Renault Duster

SUV with a city car price label

"Spend your money wisely"said Issam

"Probably the Middle East's cheapest sports utility vehicle ever!”

"Duster is the top-selling Renault car around the Middle East market”

It is a universal philosophy that a car is the second-most expensive acquisition you will make in a lifetime - after a house. Correct, but precisely "how expensive"differs considerably. So, usually, when you think about acquiring a new vehicle, the wisest thing to do is to allocate a budget, which most people do, and then shortlist the vehicles available on the market. Next step would be the segment of a vehicle: hatchback, sedan or SUV. The, in the exceptionally cheap vehicle arena, there is the 2015 Renault Duster!

There's no denying the fact that the Renault Duster truly brought the philosophy of cheapest compact SUVs to the Middle East; which later on, fascinated other car manufacturers and they began researching this freshly-formed segment. The vehicle is well-known for its economic engine and notable drivability, and is the top-selling Renault car around the Middle East market.

Change outside, revolution inside
The new Renault Duster gains a new front-end that underlines its go-anywhere looks. The redesigned grille features a new air intake and the new double-optic headlights include daytime running lights. The interior gets a revamp too, with a brand new dashboard and redesigned seats. The new Renault Duster has substantial improvements in acoustic comfort: the overall noise level on board has been halved.

New equipment and enhanced features
The new Renault Duster delivers more: four airbags, cruise control with speed limiter, rear park assist and Renault MEDIA Nav (option or standard depending on version).

Engine range extended for extra versatility and performance
Renault Duster gets petrol 1.6 16v 103hp and 148Nm mounted to a 5/6 speed manual. Our test car was equipped with a 2.0L, i4, 139hp, 205Nm, and 4 speed auto, which had already proved their efficiency on many other Renault vehicles. These engines perfectly answer price, robustness and usage cost-criteria sought-after by potential customers.

A hardworking compact SUV
The new Renault Duster maintains all the qualities that made Duster a success in the past, including versatility in use, all-terrain abilities for the 4x2 version and off-road abilities for the 4x4 version.

Here are the prices in the Lebanese market: Duster Manual starting at $USD 14,800 including VAT and Duster automatic starting at $USD 16,700 including VAT (no registration).

Conceived on an international Renault platform, Duster is manufactured with Dacia and Renault in different plants, according to the marketing countries. Depending on markets, specific fittings are made to the vehicles that take into account global customers’ needs. With the Duster, you get a brand new SUV and all of the sensibility for much less than the competition. Anyone who wants a car to get from A to B via any territory and cares little about badge arrogance will find the faithful Duster in his garage by the end of the day!

Rivals: Chevrolet Trax, Ford Ecosport, Kia Soul, Subaru XV, Nissan Juke
Pros: excellent value for money, spacious, solid looks, comfortable, skilled in going off-road
Cons: no bigger engine option, entry-level trim is basic
One word: valued
4 stars

2.0L, i4 cylinders, 135 hp @ 5,500 RPM, 195 Nm @ 3,750 RPM
4 speed automatic/5-6 speed manual, FWD/ AWD
0-100 kph: 10.4 secs, top speed: 177 kph, fuel consumption: 10.9 liters/100km
Weight: 1205 kg

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