Chevrolet Sonic

Sonic Street Beat

On a hot day, the all-new 2012 Chevrolet Sonic debuted at a fun driving event entitled “Sonic Street Beat” which took place at Atlantis, Palm in Dubai. The Sonic is a wise choice for the young-at-heart and style-conscious drivers. The car is designed to be a booming car in the very competitive small car segment market. It comes as a five-door hatch and a sedan. Anyway, let me enlighten you with the launch event which most likely is not to be done for another vehicle. It reminded me of my childhood when we used to play around with a ball and chase each other.

Sonic Hunt

The Sonic Hunt was all about driving around the Palm Island and finding clues to our final destination. We had to take pictures of the palm trees, with tourists jogging on the pedestrian pavement. We finally stopped next to the Sonic car to write our thoughts on its windows. Mine was in Arabic but the translation is: “Daddy do not run fast otherwise my Mom will take another man.”

Sonic Ball

For this activity, we had the opportunity to score goals using the car. And believe me at first you would think it is quite an easy exercise, but think twice! I had to shoot the over-sized ball into an immense goal using the Sonic car.

Sonic Spray

This was the coolest part of the activities which wasn’t about driving but rather spraying the Chevy Sonic. Our team was equipped with different paint spray colors. All we had to do was transform the normal Sonic into a piece of art. Our team decided to draw the Burj Khalifa and Burj el Arab with sand. It was a fun activity, but we were sweating the entire time.

Sonic Relay

This activity was to get-to-know the inside and outside of the Sonic. We had four tasks to be completed. The first one was to install the hub caps, the second was to drive through an obstacle backward, the third one was to fill the whole trunk with the maximum number of carton boxes with only one back seat folded down, and finally the fourth task was to drive with 6 cups full of water balanced on top of the car.


This was the challenging part, where we took the car out for some aggressive driving (which I personally liked the most). It was all about completing the designated track in the best time we could without hitting the cones.

Parking Challenge

The parking challenge was quite weird as we were wearing special goggles that had a green, distorted tint. We had to navigate through a simple course and parallel park using nothing but the instructions of one of our team colleagues who was directing us through a mobile phone connected to the car’s Bluetooth. Once we reached the end of the course we had to switch roles and get back.


The Sonic is a quite a good looking car combining fuel efficiency and sporty driving experience at the same time. The small segment in the vehicles market is absolutely a competitive one. And comparing to the Yaris, Accent and Fiesta, the Sonic is less expensive. I personally adored the hatchback. As for the sedan, I think customers would opt for the Cruze sedan which is more attractive. Anyhow, drop by your nearest dealer and get a look at the vehicle.

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