Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The carrier of all time!

"Elegant in everything it does"

"Responds in the moment, accelerates the future"

"Once you own it, there's no need to show off any more" said Issam

"Daimler's flagship vehicle to inhibit Bentley and Rolls-Royce territory"

Whenever we get into a conversation by talking about the best vehicles on earth, in general and immediately, a bunch of people shout Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes… This is not a Lebanese philosophy; somehow, it is a Middle Eastern one. A well-known name for the S-Class is the so-called "Ghost", translated into English.

During our childhood, many of us saw, at least I did during the 90s, that all presidents, ministers, deputies in parliament chose the S-Class as their chauffeured carrier. Another similar observation is that Mercedes-Benz sedans are perceived as not only private VIP carriers, but also as taxis.

One thing that I am sure of, with all respect to other automakers, is when Mercedes-Benz tosses its total power into luxury vehicles, the outcome is so astounding that it's tough to know where to begin.

People all over the world recognize a Mercedes-Benz straight away. The classic Mercedes' face runs like a golden thread through the brand's history. The sophisticated design of the S-Class has always been an expression of luxury and automotive grandeur of its era. And this new generation S-Class continues this tradition. With its classic architecture and flowing silhouette, it is a modern embodiment of sensual clarity. The design draws a line from the sophisticated, progressive design idiom to the classic elegance of 1930s cars - intelligence that speaks to the emotions. Stylish sportiness and sensual forms in synthesis with timeless clarity and effortless superiority make the S-Class a true design icon.

When you jump inside the cockpit of the S-Class, you will notice its clear architecture; its interior design embodies a classic, superior, cutting-edge saloon. The interior's expressive character derives from a uniquely fluid, sensuously elegant style. Horizontal elements and lines create a setting characterized by visual breadth and calm solidity. High quality and elegance harmonize with clarity and functionality: the interior design of the S-Class combines' rides comfort, spaciousness and user-friendliness to the very highest standard.

The perfectly coordinated use of materials and colors produces an exclusive interior seemingly cast from a single mold. There is generous use of wood trim, especially in the dashboard and center console. Metalized switch surfaces with pearl-effect paint finishes in three color shades to suit the interior color particularly highlight the outstanding quality.

Passengers in the rear are also seated in first class - the design and exclusivity of the seats, door panels and all controls are to the same high standard as the front. As an additional individualization feature, the first class rear suite incorporates a business center console combining personal comfort with practical convenience (integration of a telephone handset, additional stowage compartments, folding table, etc.).

Driving Impressions
A year and a half ago, I was in Toronto for its first drive. I laid down my hands on the S600 back then. Now in Lebanon, I was given the S400. Surprisingly, the car moved with brilliantly quick torrents when needed which is due to the high torque number, though I truly preferred it in comfort drive mode as opposed to sport. Although I was driving the S400 up to the highest peak in Lebanon "Kornet Sawda", I should have been chauffeured. When I sat in the rear seat the experience was really a blast. When sailing around in the S-Class, I was hardly able to hear any noise. It rides so soft, flat and peaceful. Even over potholes or speed bumps, the suspension enthralls without considerable shake by keeping the car balanced at all times. The car has too much technology to talk about, which I spoke about last year!

In its 6th generation, the S-Class conquers Mercedes' top sedan. The S-Class can be had in a number of diverse trims, starting from our relatively S400 demo car on up to the fire-breathing S65 AMG. For me, the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class initiates and concludes the conversation between these groups of people when it comes to extravagance and relaxation. What could Mercedes possibly add to make it more enhanced? Flying wings, I guess. 

Pros: High class VIP interior, excellent slight styling touches, abundant technologies
Cons: Absence of a touchscreen
Rivals: BMW 7-Series, Audi A8, Jaguar XJ, Volkswagen Phaeton
One word: carrier
4.5 stars

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