BMW 435i

The sensational asset

"Don't let the name confuse you; the 435i looks like a 3 Series"

"It looks great, goes well, handles increasingly well and it's comfy"

"The 4 Series has the ability to carry four with ease in a charming and appealing coupe" said Issam

"Visually distinguished"

Lately, BMW has been using most of the numbers and letters as a new marketing plan: X4, i3 and i8. Let me get it straight for you: the 3 Series now is the 4 doors variant. The 4 Series is the 2 doors variant, which is the coupe. BMW is doing what Audi has previously done by separating the coupe and cabriolet from the A4 range to generate the A5. We picked up our test car in Dubai, the 435i. Here is our story.

The new BMW 4 Series Coupe is visibly larger in width and wheelbase than the outgoing BMW 3 Series Coupe, and its dynamically stretched coupe silhouette sits considerably lower on the road. This, together with its BMW-typical short overhangs, long bonnet and set-back passenger compartment with flowing roofline, lends the BMW 4 Series Coupe impeccable visual balance. The car's striking front end - with its characteristic BMW design features, such as the double-kidney grille, twin circular headlights and a large air intake in the front apron - is keen to display its family ties with the BMW 3 Series. However, the more sporting interpretation of the BMW 4 Series Coupe also underlines its dynamic convictions. New elements of the BMW 4 Series Coupe are the air breathers, positioned rearwards of the front wheel arches to reduce drag in this area. The Coupe's muscular wheel arches and wide track make a particularly prominent contribution to the hunkered-down design of the rear, with its prominent horizontal lines.

The interior of the BMW 4 Series Coupe presents a stylish fusion of sporting allure and exclusivity. All the controls central to driving are arranged ergonomically around the driver and give optimum access to all functions. In the rear compartment, powerfully contoured seats underline the sporting credentials of the BMW 4 Series Coupe. Recessed head restraints and broad, continuously molded side supports give the rear bench the appearance of two individual seats. High-grade material combinations and unbeatable finish quality accentuate the premium ambience of the new BMW 4 Series Coupe. There is an availability to choose from three equipment combinations and an M Sport package as alternative to standard specification. The Sport Line, Modern Line and Luxury Line packages allow visible individualization of the car's exterior and interior appearance.

The BMW 435i Coupe gives full value to performance-minded drivers. It comes with a straight-six petrol engine that impresses with instantaneous power delivery, the thirst for revs I expected from BMW, outstanding refinement and exceptional efficiency. Equipped with high precision direct injection and valvetronic fully variable valve control, the 3.0 liter engine with aluminum crankcase develops maximum output of 306 hp between 5,800 and 6,000 rpm. Peak torque of 400 Nm is generated as low down as 1,200 rpm and remains on tap up to 5,000 rpm. The power from the engines is sent to the rear wheels via a an eight speed Sports automatic gearbox, which allows the driver to change gear manually as well using shift paddles on the steering wheel. Two petrol engine model variants are available: 428i and 435i.

Driving Impressions
My 435i demo vehicle exuded a fast, fun and sporty behavior. It does not lack for performance in either a straight line or around corners. This is due to its stretched-out silhouette. The new air breathers that sit aft of the front wheel arches, BMW says these help reduce drag, and I was sure that the 435i cut through the air, offering a driving experience that's as quiet and comfortable as it is exhilarating.

All in all, I think the BMW 4 Series is among the most affordable cars in its segment. Although I really enjoyed the driving dynamic of the car, I am somehow still confused. Is the 4 Series exceptional enough to justify its rebranding?

One word: rebranded

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