Nissan Juke Turbo

It's No Joke!

I drove the regular Nissan Juke last March 2012; it was our April cover story. But let me tell you my story about the Juke. As you know, for the past years, Nissan has been on a warpath to fill every last gap in the automotive scale. The first time I saw a picture of the Nissan Juke, I thought it was a concept model. I figured that there was no way that it could possibly be a production car, especially from looking at its headlights and proportions. Something was all wrong, yet this car still made it to production. 

Driving Impressions

What's the Juke?

The Juke is a compact-sized, five-door hatchback that doesn't exactly fit any single category of vehicle. It has elements of crossover SUV, aspects of an urban car and has sport sedan performance such as a turbocharged engine, 6 speed manual transmission, a roughly cheap price tag and approximately good fuel economy.

I was pretty excited because the Juke is not close to being fast, yet the 1.6 turbo 4-cylinders are enthusiastic - and that counts for something. It has broad power with maximum torque available over the impact of the rev limit. I'm always hoping for more power, and the Juke does need some. The Juke turbo gets to 100 kph in just over 7 seconds, which to point out, isn't bad at all. And it pulls pretty tough most of the time.

It is comfortable on the road, even on our poor roads in Lebanon, as it absorbs bumps like nobody's business. It is a little soft, but it isn't tuned to beat the road into surrender. It gives the driver a great experience. With all the time I spent in the car, from Friday until Monday, I never felt like the ride was making me scratchy. Normally, when I drive 4 hours in traffic in and out of Beirut, my right hip starts to harm. Not this time. And although it has a manual gearbox transmission, I give it high praise!

My car in Beirut was equipped with a 6 speed manual as told above. Throws are a little long and cut, but I never missed a shift. The clutch was good; it was light, yet it had a much defined engagement point. Not ragged at all. The CVT gearbox, which I've previously tested, isn't bad for a CVT, but given the choice I would acquire the manual.

You would certainly never lose your Juke in a parking lot. There's no mistaking it for anything else on the road. Cool details consist of high-mount back door handles and interior trim cover painted body color, which was red in our test vehicle. It's not retro at all - just special, like a motorcycle seater. There's enough space to happily transport four adults around without having to accordion anyone's knees, and there's a large area behind the rear seats for stacking up luggage.

The Juke Turbo is a good buy. You're getting an efficient vehicle with a fine interior... and a debatable funky exterior. The Juke might not be triumphant in any beauty contests but it will surely make you exceptionally minded when driving. Drop by your nearest dealer to get your quotation and test drive.

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