Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

The ultimate powerful SUV on earth!

"Hellcat engine in a Jeep Grand Cherokee!"

"Grand Cherokee on steroids."

"An off the hook symphony to your ears and a high pump of adrenalin into your blood."

"Performance, family-oriented and hauler all in one makes the Grand Cherokee a must-have vehicle in your garage," said Issam.

"Hellcat-ING all FCA products."

707 horsepower. Yes, you read it right. I am not talking about a normal car. Yes, this is an SUV and the most powerful one ever on the globe. If I were to take you back at least half a century to the original and first Jeep used in the military, you'd be shocked to learn that it used to deliver 60 horsepower. Jeep's engineers decided to mount such an engine into an SUV and make it available in any dealership to the public. Trackhawk is now available in reality. Bring your pennies and you will deserve to tell your acquaintances, family and even the neighbourhood; "I drive the most powerful SUV on earth!"

Usually when we are testing a new SUV or even a new Jeep model, we'd expect some off-road driving or even some hardcore off-roading such as the Rubicon trail we did a couple of years ago. But this new Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk with 707 horsepower is designed to tackle a different kind of track: a racetrack rather than an off-road track.

Powering the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine delivering 707 horsepower and 875 Nm of torque. The breakthrough supercharged engine is designed and manufactured using only the strongest and most durable materials. Its cast iron block features water jackets between the cylinders for optimal cooling. A forged steel crankshaft with induction-hardened bearing surfaces is so strong that it can withstand firing pressures of nearly 1,600 psi (110 bar)-the equivalent of five family sedans standing on each piston-every two revolutions. The unique, specially tuned crankshaft damper has been burst tested to 13,000 rpm.

High-strength, forged-alloy pistons-developed using advanced telemetry measurement-are coupled to powder-forged connecting rods with high load-capacity bushings and diamond-like, carbon-coated piston pins.

Premium grade, heat-treated aluminum-alloy cylinder heads are optimized for superior thermal conductivity. Sodium-cooled exhaust valves feature hollow-stem construction and special steel-alloy heads that stand up to temperatures as high as 1,652 degrees Fahrenheit (900 degrees Celsius).

The 2,380cc per revolution supercharger includes integral charge-air coolers and an integrated electronic bypass valve to regulate boost pressure to a maximum of 11.6 psi (80 kPa). The twin-screw rotors are specially coated with the following:

  • a proprietary formula of polyimide and other resins
  • nanometer-sized, wear-resistant particles
  • solid lubricants, such as PTFE (Teflon)

The coating enables tighter clearance between the rotors. This reduces internal air leakage, delivering improved compressor performance and higher efficiencies. The coating can withstand the temperatures generated by compression, and provides superior corrosion resistance.

The supercharger is sealed for life with premium synthetic oil, uses a drive ratio of 2.36:1 and has a maximum speed of 14,600 rpm. The supercharger drive system's one-way clutch decoupler improves refinement, while allowing for precisely the kind of powerful sound certain to captivate Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk drivers.

Air sources for the supercharger include a cold-air scoop in the lower front fascia, which replaces the driver's-side fog lamp and helps to feed the 92mm throttle body.

The large-nosed crankshaft drives a high-flow Gerotor oil pump, which feeds a lubrication circuit that includes eight high-flow piston-cooling jets. A high-capacity oil/air heat exchanger mounted in the front of the Trackhawk mitigates oil temperatures when driving conditions are harshest, such as on the track.

A new low-temperature cooling system, consisting of a pump, reservoir, heat exchanger and lines, helps keep the charge air cool during performance driving. This system is designed to keep intake air temperatures below 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius), under extreme ambient conditions, while enabling airflow of up to 30,000 liters per minute.

A new fuel delivery system, featuring two high-flow, multi-mode pumps, matches the high-performance demands of the engine.

Dynamic drive mode configurations
The Selec-Track system on the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk uses performance-tuned software to pre-configure and distinguish the five dynamic modes, including: Auto, Sport, Track, Snow and Tow, enabling drivers to choose a vehicle setting that ideally meets their requirements and ambient conditions. The drive modes separately control the four-wheel drive system, transmission, paddle shifters, suspension and the electric power steering.

Auto - Automatically adapts to any condition; uses a 40-percent front/60-percent rear torque split

Sport - Transmission shift times are reduced by 50 percent versus Auto mode; stability control, four-wheel drive and steering systems are set for typical enthusiast driving style; paddle shifters are enabled and suspension is tightened up without increasing impact harshness to deliver increased vehicle performance capability over Auto mode; uses 35/65 torque split

Track - Transmission shift times are reduced 68 percent versus Auto mode to 160 milliseconds; stability control, four-wheel drive and steering systems are set for ultimate track performance; paddle shifters are enabled and suspension is set to full firm to deliver maximum vehicle performance capability on smooth, dry surfaces; uses 30/70 torque split

Tow - Alters torque delivery off the line for greater smoothness and adjusts suspension to combat pitch and yaw to deliver maximum towing performance: uses 60/40 torque split

Snow - Maximizes traction to deliver optimized performance on snow and ice with reduced engine horsepower; uses 50/50 torque split.

Trackhawk also features a Custom mode that allows the driver to personalize the vehicle's performance with a selectable driving experience offering a multitude of vehicle system combinations.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk rides on a short- and long-arm (SLA) independent front suspension with coil springs, Bilstein adaptive damping suspension (ADS), upper- and aluminum lower-control arms ("A" arms), aluminum knuckle, aluminum clevis and hollow stabilizer bar. The rear suspension is a multi-link design with coil spring, Bilstein ADS, aluminum lower control arm, independent upper links (tension and camber), plus a separate toe link, and a hollow stabilizer bar.

New high-performance Brembo brakes include the largest standard front brakes ever offered on a Jeep vehicle. Up front are 15.75-inch (400mm) two-piece vented rotors with six-piston calipers painted with a new distinctive yellow finish, and 13.78-inch (350mm) vented rotors with four-piston yellow calipers in the rear for outstanding stopping performance, heat management and durability.

The new Brembo brakes bring the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk to a stop from 100 km/h in 37 meters. For added safety, the anti-lock braking, electronic stability control and traction systems are uniquely tuned.

The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk rides one inch lower than non-SRT Grand Cherokee models and is further set apart with body-colored wheel flares, side sill cladding and a sculpted hood with dual heat extractors.

The signature seven-slot upper front grille is flanked by adaptive, bi-xenon headlamps and surrounded by an LED character lamp treatment. The headlamps on the Trackhawk model feature a unique gloss-black background to accent their jewel-like appearance. The fog lights are absent from the Trackhawk's front fascia to optimize airflow to cooling modules and air induction without compromising the vehicle's balance.

From behind, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk features a unique gloss-black rear valence that showcases four-inch Black Chrome quad exhaust tips. The new quad exhaust system design provides an exhilarating and unmistakable note during maximum acceleration. A "Supercharged" badge on both front doors and a Trackhawk badge on the liftgate features a Liquid Titanium Chrome outline and Matte Black background.

New standard 20 x 10-inch Titanium-finish wheels with a Satin Chrome center cap showcase the distinctive yellow calipers underneath. Available lightweight 20 x 10-inch forged aluminum Low Gloss Black wheels save a total of 12 pounds versus the standard Trackhawk wheel. Grand Cherokee Trackhawk also features all-new Pirelli 295/45ZR20 Scorpion Verde all-season and new Pirelli P Zero three-season tires with an increased speed rating.

The driver-focused interior features premium soft-touch materials, unique Light Black Chrome finishes and carbon fiber spears, and a seven-inch driver information display (DID) instrument cluster, which features the tachometer in the middle. The 290-km/h speedometer is on the left side of the cluster.

The instrument panel center stack with new 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen features Trackhawk-exclusive performance pages that showcase an array of performance timers and gauge readouts, including a new engine dynamometer screen that measures instantaneous horsepower, torque and current transmission gear. The dynamometer screen also includes a new snapshot function for owners to save their readouts on a USB.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk's three-spoke steering wheel with a flat bottom features a bevy of comfort, convenience and connectivity controls and ergonomically efficient paddle shifters.

The Trackhawk features standard Nappa leather and suede seats with an embroidered "Trackhawk" logo. A fully wrapped Signature Leather Interior Package with "Trackhawk" embossed on the seats, optional in black and Trackhawk-exclusive black and Dark Ruby Red is available. Seats are also heated (front and rear) and ventilated (front). Dark Ruby Red seatbelts and a dual-pane panoramic sunroof are also available options. A new Premium Metal Package is standard and enhances the Trackhawk's interior with various upscale real metal accents.

Additional premium interior features include: standard Active Noise Cancellation; premium headliner; leather stitched instrument panel, doors, center console and armrest; Berber floormats with Trackhawk badge and available dual-screen rear-seat entertainment center with Blu-ray. There is a choice of two audio systems, including an 825-watt Harman Kardon high-performance audio system with 19 speakers and two subwoofers.

Built in Detroit at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant, the 2018 Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is available now in all Jeep showrooms.

Let me tell you straight, that I have been waiting for a 'Hellcat' version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee since I drove both the Challenger and Charger Hellcat! I loved it, and I can tell you that if you have enough pennies it is the right SUV in your garage. Although it is a bit expensive (but surely not versus the M version of the X5 and X6 and Porsche Cayenne Turbo S), I expected a way more pleasant interior to make the Trackhawk stand apart from its SRT model.

Pros: Extremely powerful, practical, exhaust's sound, family car, smooth on auto driving mode
Cons: Interior could have been better
Rivals: BMW X5M, BMW X6M, Porsche Cayenne Turbo S
one word: Hellcat
5 stars

6.2L supercharged, V8, 707 hp @ 6,600 rpm, 875 Nm @ 4,800 rpm
4WD, 8-speed automatic
0-100 km/h: 3.7 secs, top speed: 289 km/h, fuel consumption: N/A
Weight: 2,433 kg

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