Infiniti Q60 S Coupe

Head turner for the young at heart

"The profile looks racy; with short overhangs, low roof and good-looking wheels."

"Rear three-quarters looks like poetry in motion with the roofline blending into the boot with a good-looking sculpted spoiler integrated into it."

"There is a good sense of seat-steering-pedal geometry, which is akin to sports cars - something that encourages you to push the car every time you drive it."

"Q60S can prove to be a high-speed head-turning business shuttle for the young at heart," said Ershad.

Daily drive cars have certain geometry; something distinct that makes them the much loved shuttle vehicle. Then there are some that look as if they have gone under a car crusher that stopped mid-way. They are low, wide and often referred to as 'quick cars'! The car we have here is the 2017 Infiniti Q60S Coupe (which looks like the Q50 gone under a crusher!), but is a bombshell nevertheless.

The Infiniti performance car segment was always synonymous with one name: the G37. Especially in its coupe avatar, the G37 had an ardent following in the fast car world. Infiniti fans and car lovers alike were waiting for that updated G37 which would provide that sense of oomph and looks in a tight package. Is the new Q60S Coupe the answer? Let's find out…

Heading down the motorway, the Q60S feels well planted and poised without a hint of restlessness. There is a good sense of seat-steering-pedal geometry, which is akin to sports cars - something that encourages you to push the car every time you drive it. The Q60S is not exactly a corner-hunter, but there is never a shortage of fun at any point. Approaching corners at high speeds, flooring the gas pedal midway and exiting with precision; the Q60S is ready to do it all day. Passing highway traffic is a breeze, thanks to the top-of-the-line 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo heart pumping out a healthy 400 horsepower. One thing I missed here was a good exhaust note. At times I could hear the intake sound more than the exhaust! Aftermarket pipes please!

In my opinion, one of the key aspects of any good handling car is its suspension. There was a time when performance car suspensions weren't good enough for normal driving and the daily car suspension was too soft for spirited driving. Advancements in the auto industry have helped combine the best of both worlds, and the Infiniti Q60S employs one such wonder called Dynamic Digital Suspension (DDS). Employing a set of electronically adjustable dampers, DDS monitors the body roll, pitch and bounce rates to give you a soft ride when in a cruising mood and tightens up stuff when the enthusiast in you comes to life. Combined with this, is the second-generation Direct Adaptive Steering (DAS), which is a steer-by-wire system that eliminates all mechanical parts in the steering system and a computer commands the wheels to go right or left depending on steering inputs. Compared to the previous gen, the current DAS system works pretty well, but we miss the mechanical feedback at times. Seven settings are available on the DAS system to adjust steering response according to your liking. A bit more evolution would be required to catch up to the hydro-electronic units.

The seven-speed transmission on the Q60S works efficiently and helps in a quick zero-to-100 km/h time of 4.5 seconds. The transmission incorporates Adaptive Shift Control (ASC), which can sense road conditions and keep the gearbox on the right ratios. If the ASC feels slow for you, the gear selector levers on the steering can help you out! Selectable drive modes include Standard, Eco, Snow, Sport, Sport+ and Personal; my personal choice being the no-nonsense 'Sport' setting. Infiniti claims to have more than 300 settings of suspension, steering and throttle response - which may require a refresher course once a week!

In a performance car, one of the things you desire is a proper plush interior, which is seldom present. The Q60S scores high in this department with well-appointed luxurious cabin trim. Seats and door inserts were covered in red leather, with black suede spread across the dashboard, and aluminum carbon fiber finished panels. My only problem with this combo was that it did not go well with my Q60S exterior finished in Hagane Blue. The Q60S features 'spinal support' seats, which instead of forcing occupants into a 'C' shape, provide extensive upper body supports to reduce pressure on lower and upper back muscles. The result: better focus and a much more relaxed posture for those long drives. Excellent bolstering is provided on front and rear seats, with the former being put to most use. Rear seats on the Q60S are suitable for your extremely short friends or someone with yoga expertise. Even then, they would get down halfway and take the bus! The rear row is a bit too cramped and the sloping roof adds its bit to the claustrophobia. The view from the driver seat is a mix of modern and sloppy plastic. While the dual touchscreen looks futuristic, the surrounding climate control buttons look like they're from a previous era. And you can very clearly see a difference in the resolution of both the touchscreens, wondering why on earth someone would put it that way! Another bit of cheap plastic is right in front of you, within the instrument cluster. The quality of black plastics definitely needs to be on the up. Compensating for the plastic would be the excellent 13-speaker Bose audio system, which sounds top-class. Coupled with the excellent NVH levels on the Q60S, your personal space would be Zen-like.

On my way to the apartment lift from the parking lot, one thing was very clear: the Q60S will definitely be that one car that demands a second look. The rear three-quarters looks like poetry in motion with the roofline blending into the boot with a good-looking sculpted spoiler integrated into it. The great looking rear-light cluster has a definitive Infiniti touch to it and looks great when lit up. The rear bumper is another piece of art with mostly bulbous accents and a glossy black diffuser incorporating two clean and round exhaust tips. The profile looks racy; with short overhangs, a low roof and good-looking wheels. The Q60S runs on 19-inch wheels finished in a dark anthracite shade on the test car. The 'S 3.0t' badge on the front quarter-panel lets you know what's cooking under the hood. The forward-curved chrome accent on the C-pillar would be an Infiniti special and adds that niche factor. The front end carries the familiar Infiniti family lines with a huge honeycomb mesh grille and snazzy fog light recesses. The honeycomb, upon closer inspection, looks more like a combination of wave-shaped structures, which is a good departure from traditional mesh design.

The overall package seems great and can definitely do with some minor improvements. Infiniti has a bit more catching up to do to be on par with its German rivals. With oodles of power, a decent 324-liter boot and luxurious seating for two, the Q60S can prove to be a high-speed head -turning business shuttle for the young at heart.

Pros: Great performing engine, looks like a new G37S, very flickable, seat comfort
Cons: Cheap plastic switches in cabin, DAS needs a bit of improvement
Rivals: BMW 4-Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe, Audi A5, Cadillac ATS Coupe, Lexus RC, Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang
one word: G37S evolved!
4 stars

3.0L V6 twin-turbo, 400 hp @ 6,400 rpm, 475 Nm @ 1,600-5,200 rpm
RWD, 7-speed auto
0-100 km/h: 5 sec, top speed: 250 km/h, fuel consumption: 11 L/100 km
Weight: 1,752 kg

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