More powerful than ever: The new TT RS Coupé

Audi is sending the most powerful TT ever into the competitive field. Its newly developed five-cylinder engine delivers 400 hp - accompanied by an unmistakable sound. Driving pleasure guaranteed! The new TT RS is now available in the Middle East markets including Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Lebanon and Jordan.

Muscular front end, large air inlets, low-positioned spoiler, fixed rear wing - at first glance, the Audi TT RS clearly hints at just how much power there is under its streamlined skin. Its new five-cylinder aluminum engine delivers 400 hp, which is 60 more than the power of the previous model.

A full 480 Nm of torque is applied to the front and rear wheels, and a traction control system manages its distribution for maximum acceleration with minimal slip. As a result, the Coupé takes 3.7 seconds to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h. No other TT has sprinted this fast. The brilliant torque is accompanied by typical five-cylinder sound - which is music to the ears of horsepower purists. This sound passes through the RS exhaust system and is projected to the surroundings via two large oval tailpipes. Other eye-catching features at the rear are the new Matrix OLED lights in 3D design, which are being implemented for the first time in a production Audi.

This much power requires a stiff chassis setup. At a height of just 1.34 meters, the Audi TT RS is low to the asphalt, and it is both light-footed and under control as it conquers curves. The direct steering ratio gives the driver the feeling of being one with the road. No matter how intensively the driver turns the grippy sport steering wheel, the low-mounted sport seat with the strong contours of its side bolsters holds the driver in position.

Inside, the TT RS has an extremely sporty appearance - with aluminum or carbon trim elements and RS logos. As in the Audi R8, the driver starts the engine directly from the steering wheel - a feature inspired by motorsport. The dynamic handling system can also be operated from an extra set of satellite controls. If drivers wish, they can modify the character of the TT RS over four modes - from comfort-oriented to decidedly dynamic. The instruments are focused entirely on the driver. The fully digital Audi virtual cockpit with its 12.3-inch screen bundles all key information - from driving speed to engine rpm and navigation. And that is not all. A special RS screen displays information on tire pressure, torque and g-forces. When a defined engine speed is reached, the colored background of the scale prompts the driver to upshift via the steering wheel paddle or selector lever.

More powerful than ever: The new TT RS Coupé

The sound: inimitable five-cylinder. The output: tremendous at 400 hp. The traction: inexhaustible thanks to quattro drive. The new TT RS is a powerhouse - in the closed and the open version.

"The heart of the second-generation TT RS is an all-new five-cylinder engine made of aluminum," said Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of quattro GmbH. "With 400 hp, it puts out 60 hp more than the previous model. The new Matrix OLED rear lights also underscore the compact sports car’s position as a technology leader."

Impressive performance: the new five-cylinder engine
A jury of international motor journalists has voted the 2.5 TFSI "Engine of the Year" seven times in a row. Now Audi has further developed the five-cylinder engine in all areas - with lightweight construction measures, reduced internal friction and increased power delivery. As a result, the turbo engine gains a good 17 percent increase in performance at an unchanged capacity of 2,480 cc. At 400 hp, it is more powerful than ever before. The engine’s maximum torque of 480 Nm is available between 1,700 and 5,850 rpm. It ensures fantastic pulling power, accompanied by an unmistakable sound.

Because of the 1-2-4-5-3 ignition sequence, ignition alternates between adjacent cylinders and those far apart from one another. This brings with it a very special rhythm. The TT RS Coupé accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h  in 3.7 seconds - this corresponds to the level of a supercar. Audi can govern the top speed to 250 km/h or an optional 280 km/h. Despite increased performance, the fuel consumption of the TT RS Coupé is just 8.2 liters per 100 kilometers on average. 

For the best traction and plenty of driving pleasure: the quattro drive
The power of the 2.5 TFSI engine flows via a seven-speed S tronic, which shifts at lightning speed, to the quattro permanent all-wheel drive. Its multi-plate clutch distributes powerfully variably between the two axles. This ensures strong grip and plenty of driving pleasure. Wheel-selective torque control makes handling even more agile and safe. The driver can use the Audi drive select system to influence the quattro drive and other components such as the steering, S tronic, engine characteristic and exhaust flaps. The four modes available for this are comfort, auto, dynamic and individual.

Pure dynamics: the chassis
In addition to its light weight, the Audi TT RS has its sporty chassis to thank for its outstanding handling. The progressive steering with RS-specific tuning provides close contact with the road and makes it a pleasure to drive challenging winding stretches. At the front axle, ventilated and perforated steel discs are in action behind the 19-inch wheels - or 20-inch forged lightweight wheels as an option.

Alternatively, lighter and particularly abrasion-resistant carbon-fiber ceramic discs are available. At the back, a steel monoblock disc is used. As an option, Audi supplies the RS sport suspension plus with adaptive dampers in magnetic ride technology. In this case, the damping characteristic can be influenced electronically. The control technology is integrated into the Audi drive select dynamic handling system.

New feature: Matrix OLED lights
For the first time in a series-production Audi, Matrix OLED technology (organic light emitting diode) is used in the rear lights as an option. These emit an extremely homogeneous, precise light. The light does not cast any harsh shadows and does not require any reflectors - this makes the OLEDs in 3D design efficient, lightweight and visually impressive. Each rear light contains four wafer-thin units that become smaller from the inside out. The biggest bears the TT logo and the four Audi rings. The TT RS has LED rear lights and LED headlights as standard. Alternatively, the latter are available as intelligently controlled Matrix LED units.

Athletically streamlined: the exterior design
Large air inlets, a Singleframe grille with a newly designed honeycomb grille and quattro logo, a fixed rear wing and two large, oval exhaust tailpipes - the new TT RS Coupé exude concentrated power. Along the flanks, aerodynamically-shaped side sills emphasize the sporty design. The new model measures 4.19 meters in length, 1.83 meters in width and 1.34 meters in height.

Inspired by racing cars: the cockpit
Controls and display in the new TT RS are focused completely on the driver. All information is displayed as standard on the fully digital Audi virtual cockpit with 12.3-inch screen. The driver can choose from three views, including a special RS screen that highlights the tachometer and provides information on tire pressure, torque and g‑force, among other things. The tachometer also serves as a shift indicator. If the seven-speed S tronic is in manual mode, green, orange and red segments are activated sequentially as revs increase. Just before the engine reaches the limit, the entire scale flashes red. For the first time in the RS portfolio, the RS sport leather steering wheel with shift paddles has two satellite controls for turning the engine on and off as well as the Audi drive select dynamic handling system, in addition to multifunction buttons. The driver can influence the exhaust flap control and thus the engine sound via the sound button on the center console.

Best entertainment: Infotainment
Audi also offers a huge amount of high-end infotainment technology. The options include MMI navigation plus with MMI touch including free text search and natural language voice control. Using the Audi phone box, compatible cell phones can be charged inductively and paired with the onboard antenna for optimal reception. The Audi smartphone interface displays selected apps from the cell phone directly in the Audi virtual cockpit. The Bang & Olufsen Sound System provides for an excellent sound experience on board.

Starting prices for the Middle East markets in local currencies:

  • Bahrain: 29,960 BHD
  • KSA: 298,000 SAR
  • Kuwait: 24,240 KWD
  • Oman: 30,680 OMR
  • Qatar: 289,300 QAR
  • UAE: 291,900 AED
  • Lebanon: 117,283 $
  • Jordan: 101,135 JOD

At a glance
Audi TT RS Coupé

Engine and drivetrain

  • Newly developed, aluminum 2.5 TFSI with dual injection system (direct and    
    into the induction pipe ), 400 hp - 60 hp more, yet 26 kilograms lighter than the previous engine
  • 480 Nm of torque between 1,700 and 5,850 rpm
  • 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds
  • Top speed: governed at 250 km/h, optional at 280 km/h
  • Reduced fuel consumption despite increased performance: 8.2 liters
    per 100 kilometers
  • Unmistakable sound: ignition alternates between adjacent cylinders and those far apart from one another; sound button on the center console for control of the exhaust flaps
  • Seven-speed S tronic with launch control


  • Permanent quattro all-wheel drive with electro-hydraulic multi-plate clutch
  • Variable distribution of power between front and rear axles
  • Audi drive select dynamic handling system with four modes standard
  • Progressive steering with RS-specific tuning
  • RS sport suspension with four-link rear axle, optional RS sport suspension plus with adaptive damper control
  • Body lowered ten millimeters compared with the Audi TT
  • 19-inch wheels with 245/35 tires standard; optional 20-inch wheels with 255/30 tires
  • Internally ventilated, perforated steel discs at the front, optional carbon-fiber ceramic discs; eight-piston calipers with RS logos; monoblock discs at the back
  • Electronic Stabilization Control with wheel-selective torque control and RS-specific sport setting; can also be deactivated completely

Exterior design and body

  • Athletic design 4.19 meters long, 1.83 meters wide, 1.34 meters high
  • Low cd value: 0.32
  • Singleframe with quattro logo and honeycomb grille, large air inlets, low-positioned spoiler, fixed rear wing, diffuser insert, RS exhaust system
  • LED headlights standard; optional Matrix LED
  • Matrix OLED rear lights - for the first time in a production Audi
  • Up to 35 kilograms lighter than the previous model thanks to new Audi Space Frame: Curb weight (without driver): 1,440 kilograms

Interior and controls

  • RS sport seats with integrated head restraints
  • Controls and displays focused on the driver
  • Audi virtual cockpit with 12.3-inch monitor and three view modes, including a special RS screen, standard
  • RS sport leather steering wheel including shift paddles with two satellite controls for turning the engine on and off as well as for Audi drive select
  • Luggage capacity: 305 liters

Colors and equipment

  • nine exterior colors, including two RS-specific paint finishes: Nardo gray and Catalunya red
  • RS-specific seat upholstery with diamond stitching and two-color perforation
  • Choice of three interior equipment trims plus an additional elegant equipment package from Audi exclusive
  • RS design packages in red and gray plus various leather packages available as options
  • Inlays in Aluminum Race and optionally in carbon.


  • Second-generation modular infotainment platform
  • MMI navigation plus with MMI touch including free text search, natural language voice control and Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Audi phone box with wireless charging
  • Audi smartphone interface for Android and iOS - new in the TT RS
  • Bang & Olufsen Sound System
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  • audi_tt_rs-coupe_2
  • audi_tt_rs-coupe_3
  • audi_tt_rs-coupe_4
  • audi_tt_rs-coupe_5
  • audi_tt_rs-coupe_6




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