Lamborghini Aventador S

Makes the driver feels like a rock star!

"Lamborghini upgrades the Aventador to drive as upright as it looks from the outside."

"Are the upgrades on the Aventador S enough to challenge its rivals?"

"The cockpit in the Aventador S is spacious and comfy, aside from the headroom."

"The Aventador is as distinguished as a 24/7 warrior in violence mode!" said Issam.

I still recall when, in May 2011, I attended the first drive of the Lamborghini Aventador back in Rome, Italy. It feels like yesterday! At that time I was super excited to drive such a ferocious beast from Sant'Agata Bolognese. There I was, this time in Beirut, to pick up the new Lamborghini Aventador S from the official distributor Saad & Trad so I could get a real taste of Beirut's fancy lifestyle.

As most of you are aware, the Aventador has never been shy. What do I mean by that? Well, it has never been criticized for requiring power, being a street head-turner, or the right symphony. The Aventador is as distinguished as a 24/7 warrior in violence mode!

Here are six reasons why the Aventador S is pretty special:
Four-wheel steering technology: This system has been developed for the rear wheels to steer and direct the car independently of the front. In addition to being a four-wheel drive car, it also is a four-wheel steer car. That means on corners the rear wheels can turn themselves and shorten the distance to the front wheels, which effectively creates a shorter wheelbase

Extra power: The 2018 Aventador S's V12 engine is a massive upgrade on the same boundary breaking, naturally aspirated mid-rear V12s. It produces 40 extra horsepower on top of the 2017 Aventador's already immense 700 horsepower. It also produces a higher torque of 690 Nm and higher revs in general than last year's model.

Magnetic ride: The Aventador S's new damper controls and updated suspension kinematics are known as "Lamborghini Magnetorheological Suspension 2.0 Hi-Fi," per the marque's engineers (or marketers), and use electromagnetic fluid to adapt continually to any road conditions.

Ego mode: A totally new seven-speed gearbox with independent shifting rods allows for quicker, smoother transitions. Ego mode allows the adjustable four-wheel drive to calibrate into one of 24 different personalized combinations of the other three modes, depending on the driver's style and sensibility and what buttons you push in the car. The gearbox, the suspension, the all-wheel steering – is monitored by yet another new technology, called Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Attiva (LDVA); what executives were calling a total body-control ‘brain'. LDVA controls how the vehicle moves laterally, vertically, and longitudinally. It maintains the ideal combination of traction control, thrust, power, and other systems for a given driving surface.

Design leading to performance: The taillights are still a series of small, red, arrow-shaped lights. New vents in the sides and underneath the car improve air cooling, which is an important thing for performance vehicles. An increased front splitter and the new aero diffuser with three new active rear-wing positions increase downforce by 130 percent, with 50 percent better efficiency at the highest points of downforce.

Elegant cockpit: The Aventador S hardens itself as a true luxury supercar as it could almost be taken as a daily driver because of how well the interior is trimmed and fitted.

Driving impressions
Getting into the Aventador S is quite a tricky task in the beginning. But whenever you're inside the car, you don't want to get out at all! Driving around the capital in Beirut probably could have caused incidents. People were giving thumbs up, taking photos with their mobile phones and even shouting, which was quite all right. The funny story of the day was that a guy on a motorbike was looking at the beast when suddenly the traffic stopped at a red light, and he could've crashed into the car in front of him, which made me feel guilty somehow…

I drove the 2018 Lamborghini Aventador S very slowly through the superb corners of the highway taking you from Amchit highway up to the Jbeil Mountains so I could get a sense of the supercar's new four-wheel drive system. As you all know, the four-wheel drive is mostly about maintaining traction in poor road conditions for SUV's, but the four-wheel drive in an Aventador S is principally about making an actual tight turn without letting the tail of the car move a millimeter.

After 24 hours on board of the new Lamborghini Aventador S, I can admit that the new Lamborghini still succeeds in capturing everyone's attention. The color on our test vehicle plays a major role. With such great power and unusual steering technology, the modern avatar of the Aventador is more fun than ever!

Rivals: Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (Ferrari 812 Superfast), McLaren 675 LT, Mercedes-AMG S65 Coupe
Pros: Exterior design, V12 engine sound, four-wheel steering
Cons: At low speed ride is not comfy, very low stance to the ground
4.5 stars
one word: ferocious

6.5L V12, 740 hp @ 8,400 rpm, 690 NM @ 5,500 rpm
7-speed automated manual gearbox, AWD
0-100 km/h: 2.9 sec, top speed: 350 km/h, fuel consumption: 16.9 L/100 km
Weight: 1,575 kg

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