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The New Cinturato All Season Plus
European All Season market is continuously evolving: apart from being a fast growing segment, consumer's needs are changing and require better performances in all weather conditions, focusing their requests on wet and snow. The new Cinturato All Season Plus has been developed following these new trends: overall performance have been improved with a special focus on snow and wet, guaranteeing a safer drive.

The main characteristics of the Cinturato All Season Plus consumer can be summarized in the following points:

  • Ease of use / convenience: a single set of tyres throughout the year, summer and winter.
  • Reliability: performance and mileage for everyday usage.
  • Driving in urban environment without severe winter conditions.

Materials have been optimized, introducing the latest technological developments. Cinturato All Season Plus uses a new functionalized polymer based tread pattern compound that reacting with Silica particles results in an enhanced stiffness stability over a wider temperature range (more flexible at low temperatures and stiffer at high temperatures). This new compound improves performance both in winter and summer condition. In addition to that, a taylor made mixing process allows resins to be efficiently dispersed into the polymer matrix giving tangible snow performance advantages. On top some bestseller-sizes are fitted with Seal Inside Technology for mobility after a puncture.

With its 28 sizes, Cinturato All Season Plus covers 70% of 15"-16"-17" measures, which represents the majority of mid-size and compact vehicles car parc.

The New Scorpion Zero All Season
Pirelli introduces the new SCORPION ZERO All Season, an UHP SUV All Season product developed for premium and prestige segment. This new product comes as an answer to the market request for a new high performance all season product that could be fitted on the modern SUVs. SUVs market is evolving, new SUVs on the market and consumers require an always higher performance. In order to fulfill the target features, which include a strong focus on shortening the braking distance, the most prestigious car makers require the PERFECT FIT between tyre and car. Up to date, Pirelli has already received 12 homologations.

The new Scorpion Zero All Season tyres feature an asymmetric design with chamfered tread blocks in the shoulder area to enhance control and responsiveness in braking. The four wide longitudinal grooves (with the external one being smaller to provide pattern adaptability for increased safety on dry surfaces) ensure an excellent water expulsion and hydroplaning resistance, granting outstanding performances and safety on wet surfaces.

The new Range Rover Velar fits the new Scorpion Zero All Season tyres.

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