Geely Goes Upscale

"Chinese automaker targets Middle East for product push," said Philip

Chinese automaker Geely has telegraphed a serious message to the Middle East: we mean business - big time. Geely is now all about cool cars driven by a new design language and to underscore the point, it gave the region a sneak preview of its flagship sedan at a gala event in Amman, Jordan.

However, a key market in the Middle East is the UAE, according to Geely executives. The new car and other Geely vehicles to follow will be distributed in the UAE by dynamic newcomers, Union Motors, which promises seven-star service. Union Motors new state-of-the-art showroom in Deira will be completed shortly.

To further engage this rapidly changing consumer base, the 'New Generation Geely' brand mission has been set as 'Creating Refined Cars for Everybody'. The sedan is Geely's first vehicle that will utilize Geely's new slogan: "Dynamic and Refined, Confident and Inspiring". The company says these words will define the development of Geely at all levels, from management to product level.

Under this new direction, Geely says it will utilize its newly created global engineering and design facilities to produce vehicles that are at the forefront of the auto market in terms of engineering, technology and comfort.

Under the New Generation Geely philosophy, Geely will continue to develop its engineering abilities along core platforms, the KC and FE platforms, and will continue to deepen and strengthen ties with Volvo Car Company where the two are jointly developing a compact modular architecture (CMA) which will be used on both Volvo and Geely's next generation of compact vehicles. The CMA project will see Volvo and Geely work together on joint R&D, engineering and purchasing of parts to create economies of scale for both brands.

The Geely flagship sedan, previewed in Jordan as the KC9, is the first product from Geely's new global design and engineering function. The flagship sedan was developed by Peter Horbury, Geely's senior vice president of design and his team who are located in four key design studios located in Gothenburg, Shanghai, Barcelona and Los Angeles. These four design centers currently employ 220 designers and will expand to 300 in 2015. Two years ago there were 10 designers in one studio in Shanghai.

Horbury was eager to show that Geely is a true international car brand in terms of design while remembering Geely's Chinese roots.

Horbury explained the design language: "The flagship sedan's lower frame spears out under the headlamps and the upper line together with the headlamps form a flowing bird's wing effect, and the total frame surrounding these rings radiating from the badge like the ripples on a pond.

All of these lines and features are designed to look as if they were not drawn with a marker but with a calligraphy brush. This is one of the details with which we have tried to introduce a flavor of China into our design. My ambition is to create global design language but with a hint of where we come from."

The flagship sedan was designed from the outset to be a fastback which gives it a considerable stance. Even when it is not moving, the flagship sedan looks as if it is already at speed.

The lines on the instruments and doors follow the sweeping lines of ancient Chinese bridges, with traditional Chinese architecture also featured on the speaker covers which again subtly hints towards Geely's Chinese roots. Independent electrically adjustable rear seats have been introduced.

Global partners and suppliers were heavily involved in the sedan's development. Volvo Car Group assisted with chassis development to provide while Australian Prodrive enhanced the flagship sedan's suspension. Superior noise vibration and harshness characteristics were developed by Belgium's LMS.

Engine power comes from two key units, a naturally aspirated 2.4L and sporty 3.5L naturally aspirated engine. Two engines were independently developed by Geely Auto and provide a strong mixture of fuel economy and power and paired with a six speed automatic gearbox from Australian Drivetrain Systems International (DSI) which is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Geely Holding Group.

The flagship sedan is fitted with an array of crash protection airbags including driver and passenger, side impact and driver knee protection. The car's body is built around a steel cage with added side impact protection and front and rear crash protection.

Geely has utilized a 360 degree camera system that allows drivers to see around the car at all times eliminating blind spots around the vehicle. These cameras can be used during parking and will alert the driver to any obstacles in the way and an automatic parking feature allows drivers to select the parking spot and let the car take over.

As part of New Generation Geely, multiple new models will be introduced during the rest of 2015 and next year.

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