Carry on-demand-delivery service goes live in the UAE, the UAE's on-demand-delivery service for individuals and businesses, is now available to deliver anything to anywhere in the Emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Customers can save their time spent and transportation costs by handing over their delivery errands to Carry as they are assured of the safety and timeliness of deliveries. Carry collects your items within the same hour and delivers to anywhere within the three Emirates as per timings set by you for maximum convenience.

A point to point real-time delivery service, Carry is an affordable delivery assistant for individuals and businesses that relies on its own fleet of motorbikes and delivery vans to handle packages of all sizes, from the small to the very large. Consumers can download the Carry app on their Smartphones (Android & iPhone), enter their package details, locations and start using the Carry on-demand delivery service instantly. Businesses have the convenience of placing and managing their deliveries through a simple and intuitive dashboard, integrated into their IT or office platforms. Besides bringing convenience to individuals, the technology platform helps businesses outsource delivery fleet requirements and cut overheads. 

A UAE startup, Carry was conceptualized by Borhene Ben Mena during his conversations with e-commerce companies operating in the UAE. He realized that the UAE's last mile delivery service needed to bridge the gap between what consumers and corporations expected and the services that were available. Delivery is the only regular 'physical' touch point most companies in the UAE have with their customers and it can ruin the overall customer experience. Carry focuses on enhancing customer experience - no more endless phone calls from drivers, requests for directions, long waiting timeslots and other delivery issues.

Carry is the result of meticulous and thorough evaluation, understanding and planning to provide an improved delivery service and great experience that makes best use of advanced mobile and sensing technology. Carry lets users track their delivery and follow the activities with its assistants, live on their phones or company platforms offering reassurance and adding a new degree of safety to the delivery process. There are no additional fees or charges besides the one-time delivery fee that is agreed upon at the order stage. Customers and businesses can get any item, be it apparel or commodities, delivered anywhere by sharing its image and paying through the app or the business dashboard. It offers consumers a wide variety of payment options including credit card, PayPal, cash-at-pick-up and cash-on-delivery while businesses can sign up longer term contracts with Carry.

Backed by a leading global logistics provider, Carry ensures lowest possible delivery times. The user-friendly app is supported by a network of drivers available at the customers' service from 9 am till 11 pm. Carry's technology connects customers with drivers through GPS, offering a hassle-free service without having to make phone calls. Its paperless tracking technology promotes environment friendliness.

Commenting on the innovation that Carry brings for individuals and businesses, Borhene Ben Mena, Co-Founder & CEO of Carry delivery said: "On-demand delivery is no longer a luxury but an expected service that allows users to hand over their delivery jobs and focus on what matters most to them. Consumers can now have  more precious free time while businesses can free up resources dedicated to delivery. Whether you want to deliver your products to your clientele or to avoid mall parking to pick up an item, Carry is just for you. It is a personal assistant that removes the need of making any phone calls or spending time and money in delivery chores. We are excited to announce the launch of Carry and happy to provide both consumers and businesses with bespoke solutions, with a core focus on simplicity and ease-of-use.”



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