Premier Motors and Maserati Host ‘Fashion Visits the Home of Style’

Premier Motors, the official dealer of Maserati vehicles in Abu Dhabi, hosted a unique fashion show titled 'Fashion Visits the Home of Style' at its showroom in Khalidiya.

The ladies-only event held at the Maserati showroom showcased contemporary Abaya designs from the label Triosa, founded by Abu Dhabi-based designer Rania Darwish.

"Maserati is a truly iconic brand that creates beautifully designed luxury cars featuring exquisite craftsmanship on the interiors, which are some of the elements that we focus on while creating our stylish Abayas. I was inspired by the Trident logo of the Italian automaker and have incorporated it in one of my designs. I am really glad to have got the opportunity to present my sixth collection showcasing this very unique design here in this beautiful showroom," said Rania Darwish, the founder of Triosa.

One of the highlights of the collection called Tramontana, featuring more than 40 exquisite designs, is a blue Abaya inspired by Maserati, which is made from Cadena Crepe. The logo of the brand, the Trident, has been elegantly interpreted on the sleeves while the work on the top half of the garment was inspired by the signature grill of the Maserati cars. Tramontana is a name inspired by the name of the winds blowing in Italy, a naming convention also used by Maserati while naming some of their models such as the Ghibli and the Levante.

All the collections from Triosa have a strong imprint of the Emirati, Jordanian and Palestinian styles featuring extensive embroidery and providing an elegant look to each customer. Rania appreciates traditional Abayas, but loves to showcase the traditional Abaya in a more contemporary and elegant style, highlighting a 'trendy-oriental' theme. Her key design features are elegance, simplicity and uniqueness. Her designs are targeted towards women who are constantly striving for a distinctive and sophisticated look.

The elegant event attracted Abu Dhabi's top fashionistas, who enjoyed the stylish designs presented at the event.



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