Perception that UAE roads get safer – UAE Road Safety Monitor (4th research cycle)

Coinciding with the 33rd GCC Traffic Week, the 4th cycle of UAE Road Safety Monitor delivers encouraging perception trends throughout. UAE's motorists cherish the government's continued efforts to further improve the road traffic infrastructure and at the same time they give evidence, that UAE's roads become safer overall. Driving enjoyment increases and we see decreased commute times and less speeding vehicles. Trends for other misbehavior on our roads remain stable, namely for tailgating, lane swerving and distracted driving.


The 4th cycle of this unique perception study of UAE motorists was commissioned by QIC Insured (Qatar Insurance Company) and RoadSafetyUAE. It measures the motorists' perception for the last 6 respective months. The study was conducted by YouGov in February 2017 and it is based on the views of a representative sample of 1,008 UAE residents.

"Perception counts! Hence, we take the results of our unique study so seriously, as these perception trends are an excellent indicator for the work of all stakeholders involved in road safety. With the data points of meanwhile 4 cycles of the UAE Road Safety Monitor, we see very interesting trends unfolding," comments Thomas Edelmann, RoadSafetyUAE's founder & managing director. "While the observed trends are positive or stable, the absolute % numbers are high, and further efforts in education, enforcement and infrastructure improvement are needed, by all concerned stakeholders, public and private entities and the media," he continues.

Frederik Bisbjerg, Executive Vice President MENA Retail, QIC Insured, states: "We always want to be on the forefront of unique initiatives and we are proud to be associated with this unique long-term perception study, as it demonstrates the efforts of QIC Insured to actively support the creation of safer roads, in line with the ‘UAE Vision 2021'. As a leading insurer, to protect our customers is in our DNA and we are glad to see the throughout positive trends in this most recent cycle of our study."

The highlights of this 4th cycle:
The growing big majority (83%) state, that they ‘strongly agree'/'agree', that UAE's road traffic infrastructure has improved vs. 6 months ago, resulting in higher driving enjoyment (56%) of the respondents.

The following perception dimensions, despite enjoying improved or stable trends, are still on high absolute levels and a lot needs to be done to decrease those levels:

  • Dangerous driving has decreased sharply (-5%), still 49% state traffic has become more dangerous.
  • Speeding enjoys a healthy drop (-2%), however the majority of 62% see more speeders.
  • Distracted drivers 75%, Tailgating 68%, Lane Swerving 67% show stable trends.
  • Less motorists (-2%) complain about longer commute times (61%).



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