Special Vehicle Operations division (SVO)

What is the Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations division?

“Can Jaguar and Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations division rival Mercedes-AMG?” 

“JLR is focusing on special, more exclusive vehicles via its SVO division.”

During one of our visits to the United Kingdom, we had the opportunity to pass by and visit the Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) headquarters located in Oxford Road. Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division isn’t a new idea. Actually, it has been around for years. But Jaguar Land Rover took the decision to invest big time on this division.

SVO's home in a brand new £20 million facility offers bespoke personalization, halo models and special paint with high specification vehicles that showcase the best of Land Rover, including high performance derivatives, ultra-luxury products and limited run collector editions.

The program first launched in 2014 and produced custom vehicles like the Jaguar F-Type Project 7, Jaguar F-Type SVR, and Range Rover Sport SVR. Currently the branch employs around 1,000 employees, which includes designers, engineers, and technicians, but the proposed expansion will open up 250 jobs to support its growth strategy.

Unique vehicles

Bespoke personalization

Oxford Road's customer commissioning suite will offer huge scope in personalizing your vehicle with a wide range of interior trim, leather and paint options.

Halo models

SVO produces the most luxurious, highest performing and most capable Land Rover vehicles.

Special paint

Oxford Road's special paint shop will extend the range of exterior color options for Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, using the latest technology to deliver unparalleled finishes.

Armored vehicles

Definitive levels of protection, refinement and capability are manifest in each and every one of the armored vehicles built by the Special Vehicle Operations.

John Edwards, Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations managing director says: “Our business plans are driven by the desire for ‘halo’ vehicles and other exclusive products from customers in all corners of the globe. The vision for Special Vehicle Operations is to launch one new SVO car every year, on average, for at least the next four years.” 

As part of this expansion, the company has created a tech center near Coventry in England. This is part of four zones, which include manufacturing, paint, tech, and a VIP commissioning/viewing suite. Greg Clark, SVO’s director of vehicle personalization, shared the purpose of the technical center: “This new technical center enables us to build on the successful launches of the Range Rover Sport SVR, Range Rover SV Autobiography and Jaguar F-TYPE SVR, and provides an excellent foundation for the growth of the SVO business with the introduction of exciting new vehicle personalization programs. Customers will be invited to attend the commissioning suite for the planning of each personalized car. Paint options are a highlight of that personalization process and SVO will pair up each customer with a ‘color-matching specialist’. We will encourage customers to participate in the design of their own vehicles, to give a real sense of emotional connection to something that they have created; something unique.”

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