Mercedes-Benz E200

Most advanced Mercedes yet

"The mid-size luxury sedan that Mercedes made its forename on," said Issam.

"One of the most technically advanced cars on the road."

"E-Class wins back its traditional role as the forerunner in luxurious and high-tech sedans."

Here I am once again picking up the 10th generation of the luxurious mid-size sedan, the all-new 2017 Mercedes Benz. As you all know, the design language of Mercedes-Benz has been off the hook lately. That's without forgetting to mention that the German automaker now has the best vehicle lineup ever. It is quite impossible to go into a Mercedes showroom anywhere in the Middle East without buying a car. From the A-Class, CLA, GLA, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, CLS, and the SUV lineup of the GLA, GLC, GLC Coupe, GLE, GLE Coupe, GLS, etc.… It all started with the smaller C-Class and the larger S-Class a couple of years ago and Mercedes is now concluding the range with the drop-dead stunning 10th generation E-Class. The courtesy to detail of this mid-size luxury sedan has blown my mind!

The design of the new E-Class is characterized by hallmark Mercedes saloon proportions. The elongated bonnet coupled with a coupe-esque roof flowing into a sensual, broad-shouldered tail end creates an exciting silhouette. The powerfully extended vehicle body of the new E-Class is characterized by short overhangs, a long wheelbase, large wheels and taut, well-defined flanks displaying a fresh, stylish and dynamic interpretation of the feature line. At the rear end, broad shoulders above the rear wheel arches lend the E-Class its unmistakably powerful character. Single-piece taillights featuring a two-bar design framed by the vehicle body clearly identify the E-Class from C-Class and S-Class.

The interior of the new E-Class embodies the synthesis of emotion and intelligence. Optional extras include two brilliant next generation high-resolution displays, each with a wide screen diagonal of 12.3 inches – unique in this segment. In a first for a car, the steering wheel features touch-sensitive Touch Controls. Like a smartphone interface, they respond precisely to horizontal and vertical swiping movements, allowing the driver to control the entire infotainment system using finger swipes without having to take their hands off the steering wheel. In keeping with the motto "hands on the wheel, eyes on the road", this allows minimum driver distraction to be achieved.

Driving impressions
How does the new 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class drive? I consider it pretty decent; it actually rides very well. The all-new E-Class is the closest thing on the market today to a self-driving car. It is packed with tons of technologies – you will probably need an instruction manual to learn them. I jumped behind the steering wheel and let me tell you what it feels like on the Lebanese roads. The E200 engine is not fast, honestly. It has 184-hp from its 2.0-liter turbo engine, but the remarkable 300 Nm of torque pinned me to the seat when the throttle was applied at any engine speed. Mercedes improved their seven-speed transmission to nine-speeds, making sure the gearshifts are flat while saving you pennies in fuel. You don't feel any boost when pushing the throttle on sport mode, as Mercedes considers the comfort and noiselessness for the non-AMG models.

The E-Class comes in various models and trims and that's what Mercedes has been good at lately. The E-Class entry engine and trim is the E200 and goes up to the E400 and then the E63 AMG. Check out your nearest dealership to get a complimentary test drive and you will understand what I'm talking about!

Pros: Safety techs, gorgeous cabin, wide cluster and infotainment screens, comfortable seats
Cons: Hard to differentiate from a C-Class, plastic start engine button
Rivals: BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, Volvo S90, Cadillac CT6, Jaguar XF, Maserati Ghibli, Infiniti Q70
one word: smart
4.5 stars

2.0L turbocharged, 184 hp at 5,500 rpm, 300 Nm at 1,200-4,000 rpm
9-speed auto, RWD
0-100 km/h: 7.7 sec, top speed: 240 km/h, fuel consumption: 5.9 - 6.3 L/100 km
Weight: 1,605 kg

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