Lebanon Motorsport and Tuning Show 2016 exceeds all expectations for the third time

For the 3rd time in a row Lebanon Motorsport and Tuning Show 2016 exceeded all expectations on all levels with lots of new additions.

This year the show was held from 24th till 25th of September 2016 in the heart of Lebanon and one of its busiest malls City Mall transforming the traditional indoor motor shows into an open air event.

The event included a display of more than 100 cars of people's favorite tuned cars, muscle cars, super cars, 4x4 and Race Cars. The show was attended by more than 15 000 visitors over two days contributing to elect the best cars in town. At the end of day two the results came out as follows: Pierre Nercessian won the best Tuned car on his Cyber Bullet Camaro SS, Nabil Irani won the best 4x4 on his Jeep Wrangler, Bilal Hamieh won with his F-100 Ford 1953 for Best Customized truck, Mazen Naser eddine won on his Pontiac GTO Best Muscle Cars, Sheikh Farid el Khalil won Best Super Car on his 2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG-GTS and Charbel el Orm for Best Sound System Design on his Infiniti G35.

In addition, the event also included the Champion PlayStation Tournament where the driver with the best lap recorded won a PlayStation 4 and not to forget more than 20 cars taking part in the ACDelco Db Drag Competition where Fadi el Shamy glimpsed the title of King of Sound System.

And finally Nabil Moustafa General Manager of Xclusive SARL organizers of the show declared: "As usual and also this year lots of great cars where on display some seen for the very first time in Lebanon and we added lots of new attractions and new setup that allowed our exhibitors to launch their latest products and transforming the show into a regional one where companies like Sony chose our show to regionally launch their wireless subwoofers and other products and I believe the latest addition of Motorsport cars Section held in collaboration with ATCL added that extra flair that blew the mind of our visitors and we promise more shows to come in the near future with lots of adrenaline, beauty and excitements."

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