Collection Cars Parade concludes the first edition of Amchit Festival

Under the auspices of Ministry of Tourism, the first edition of Amchit Festival amazed the public with a dazzling entertainment program that covered a wide array of activities. The festival, which took place on the captivating coastline of Amchit, hosted a number of Lebanese stars including Nancy Ajram, the Chehade brothers and Tony Hanna, and concluded with the third edition of Collection Cars Parade.

Amchit Festival concluded with the third edition of Collection Cars Parade, which witnessed an impressive success in the past two years. With over 100 unique classic cars participating, the parade succeeded this year in attracting thousands of spectators and enthusiasts bringing the excitement of vintage and heritage.

The first edition of Amchit Festival, which was organized by Amchit Municipality in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, succeeded in attracting thousands of visitors who came from all over Lebanon. Visitors had the chance to enjoy the wide array of activities that blended history with passion.

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