Volkswagen Golf 7

Born again to rely on!

When you speak about Porsche, the 911 Carrera pops to your mind in just few seconds; when you speak about Volkswagen, you probably think about the round silhouette of the love bug - Beetle. However, one day in 1974, Giorgio Giugiaro designed a vehicle that has changed the world - the Golf was born.

How did the Golf story start exactly?

Golf 1 (1974 – 1983): It all begins with an ingenious design.
Golf 2 (1983 – 1991): The car that breaks through barriers.
Golf 3 (1991 – 1997): The car that unites generations.
Golf 4 (1997 – 2003): The car that brings real class to its class.
Golf 5 (2003 – 2008): The car that puts the world on the map.
Golf 6 (2008 – 2012): The car that shows responsibility.

And finally, the all-new Volkswagen Golf 7: the car that redefined the benchmark of the brand!

Driving Impressions
Back 10 years ago, I remember seeing a Golf on every street corner, either a stock car or a modified one. At that time the Golf was so popular and was called the people's car.

I attended the global drive of the Golf a city called Olbia, located on Sardinia Island in Italy. The all-new Volkswagen Golf 7 is the car that has redefined the benchmark of the brand. Sold all around the world, the Golf has become an iconic vehicle that can be recognized from 200 meters away, as similarly as the Coca-Cola glass bottle!

I was handed the car at the airport, to drive to Romazzino Hotel. My test car was equipped with 1.4 L TSI matted with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Driving though a blind corner across the island to Porto Cervo was quite a challenging task to accomplish. The road headed up to the hills and then down to reach the sea level. I bear in mind driving the Golf 6 somewhere in Jebel Hafeet in the UAE, where the road was also pretty winding.

The Golf 7 is up to 100 kg lighter and 23% more fuel efficient (by up to 0.5 l/100 km). The split for the weight reduction comes from: -6 kg in electrical components, -40 kg in engine, -26 kg in the running gear and -37 kg in superstructure.

Nothing major was modified on the exterior of the new Golf. The rear-end back lights have changed and the front (head lights and grille).

In developing the new Golf, the teams led by the head designers based their work on a great deal of creative freedom that allowed many different approaches for a new design, while also focusing on the principles of the Volkswagen design DNA. A look at this DNA reveals the key to the new Golf's design.

They have crystallized a selection of core elements from the brand's history, which they term its 'historic DNA'. All current Volkswagen designs correspond to this DNA, with the cars therefore conveying a modern and progressive impression. This DNA includes elements such as the reduced form of the radiator grille crossbeam, the look of the side windows as well as the first Golf's roofline and the Golf Mk4's typical C-pillars and wheel arches.

Here I can honestly speak freely when it comes to the interior of the all-new Golf 7. I was really surprised with the premium quality offered. From first sight you can feel that you are sitting in a mini Phaeton.

It is the first Volkswagen with inductive antenna interface for smartphones. Volkswagen has equipped the Golf with a new generation of radio and radio-navigation systems with completely new designs. All systems have a touchscreen as standard. The new device generation is available in six extension levels and in three different display sizes: 5-inch, 5.8-inch and 8-inch. For the first time, Volkswagen is implementing displays that have proximity sensors (5.8-inch display and above): as soon as the driver or front passenger moves a finger near to the touchscreen, the system automatically switches from display mode to input mode. The display mode shows a screen that is reduced to just the essentials. In the operating mode, on the other hand, the elements that can be activated by touch are specially highlighted to simplify intuitive operation. The displays also have a function that lets users scroll through lists or browse CD covers in the media library with a swipe of the hand.

In designing the new generation of devices, Volkswagen's primary goal was to integrate the most advanced infotainment applications into the Golf, which should be consistently easy to use despite all of the complexity of today's systems. They are totally intuitive and therefore safe to use while driving.

With all the options available such as the adaptive cruise control, park assist and camera sensors, the all-new Golf 7 is in all-meaning a premium car for people who want to add a flavor to their garage. In 2013, drop by the closest dealer in town to have a look at and understand that this worthy car.

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