September 2016

An endless drive of achievements…

The time is here. It feels like yesterday that I was young (11 years ago!) and starting my career, and five years ago when I sat at the editor in chief desk. I just feel happy, and every day is basically another new day and adventure being on board at ArabWheels, the number-one English car magazine in the Middle East. Although a couple of months ago we lost one lovely colleague, Philip Moore, we are still continuing our journey. And as I always say to myself and to all of you, that famous quote of mine: "I write to live longer than I can live life."

We will be having our second ArabWheels Awards ceremony this year and I'm glad that we got our first sponsor and partner who believed in us in our 2nd edition. It will be held at the Meydan Hotel in Dubai at the rooftop Level 8 on November 15, 2016.

So what have we got in our after-summer September issue; quite a busy issue?
The all-new Volvo S90 and V90 made it to our cover story for the simple reason that the Swedish car manufacturer no doubt deserved it; we are going to live in an era when those guys will be striving for a success story.

In our Global Drive section, we drove the all-new Cadillac XT5 (previously known as the SRX) in Berlin, we drove the Jaguar F-Type SVR (the most powerful one to date) in Barcelona, and the new addition to the Audi's CUV lineup, the Q2, in Zurich.

And for the first time in as far as I can remember, a regional event was held in Beirut for the first drive of the all-new Infiniti Q30! That's a pretty good move from Infiniti and its execs to dare to do an event in the capital of Lebanon, Beirut.

In our Editors' Choice section, Ershad drove the Honda Civic RS in Dubai, and I drove a couple of vehicles during my stay in Beirut for the summer. I drove the Fiat 500X, Infiniti QX70, BMW X6 and the recently launched and acquired Lada, by RYMCO (same dealership of Nissan and Infiniti), the 4x4 Urban - previously known as the Niva 4x4.

Khaled attended the ongoing 75th anniversary celebration of Jeep in Barcelona, another exciting and fun adventure on board the ultimate 4x4 in the car industry.

As always I leave you here and see you next month. Stay tuned, as we will be covering the Paris Motor Show at the end of September. Don't forget to visit our website,, to vote for your favorite car during September through November (before the awards ceremony). We are available to reply to all of your enquiries on our social media channels (facebook, twitter, Instagram, youtube) and surely on our web TV,

- Issam Eid, Editor-in-Chief

Cover Story: Volvo S90 and V90



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